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April 27th, 2010, 12:35 PM
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i need a little bit of advice, me and my partner tracked me ovulation last month and come this month my period should of been here on th 16 but i started bleeding the 21 and it was a very light color orange which later turned into a faint red and we can't figure out if it is implantation bleeding or if i accutally had my period. i usually have a very heavy period and this wasnt heavy at all to the point where i couldnt wear tampons i had to wear pads cause i wasnt bleeding very much but that lasted for excettly 4 days then stoped i cramped but very very mild felt more like gas pains and ive taken 4 pregnancy test and one blood test this month and they have all came back negative and we are very discourgaed and i was wondering what anyone else thought.

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