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klsfl10 September 8th, 2010 08:50 PM

Logan's Arrival
I went into my weekly OB appointment on the 1st...all was normal except my BP was a little high, but I wrote that off as it being a new nurse using the manual cuff instead of the automatic one. The doctor scheduled my induction date for the 14th. I was still at 2 cm dilated but he said I had "basically no cervix left". Right at the end of the appointment, though, he said he wanted me to have some labs done that night at the hospital. He and I both told DBF it was fine to go into work and not come with me since it was just going to be some labwork. I even had plans to meet friends at Melting Pot later and up until half an hour before that I still thought I was going to make it there in time. Went into the hospital for labs, they did the UA, some bloodwork and vitals and my BP apparently really WAS high. So I was just laying there in triage, playing on my phone, waiting to hear from the nurse after she called my doctor. Some random nurse walks around the corner and just hands me a phone out of nowhere :chin: I was so distracted, I honestly couldn't figure out for a second who would be calling me at the hospital :roaring: It was my doctor telling me that he wanted to start inducing at midnight b/c it wasn't safe for me or the baby having my BP so high.

So I had a few minutes of panic, where I cried and then had to call my parents and DBF to let him know to come to the hospital straight after work. Turned out instead of starting the pitocin at midnight as planned, they had to give me magnesium for awhile and THEN start the pitocin. So the mag started at 12:30am and they started the pitocin around 4. I was SO nervous about the pain hitting as soon as the pitocin hit my IV but it really didn't. They broke my water around 6:30am and THAT'S when the pain hit. OMG, did it ever. I was at about 5cm by that point. As soon as the pain hit I requested the epidural. My doctor had told me that I could be 2cm and he'd order the epi...its just that it will make it harder to feel pushing. So the anesthesiologists came in at 7:30 to give me the epi. Unfortunately it was a trainee doing the work. I was so desperate I didn't care,. But she inserted it twice and it wasn't right. One time it was in a vein or artery. The other time it was only on one side. At this point the supervisor took over and got it right. WOW what a difference. It was wonderful!!

Then around 4:30pm they wanted me to start "practice pushes" to make sure I could feel enough to push. The doctor upped the pitocin during this and I could not deal with this. I was ready to beat the head "cheerleader" nurse. She was just convinced that I needed to try harder, I wasn't really pushing, and I needed to let them lower the epidural dose. When I got the hang of pushing but nothing was happening except the pain was worsening I finally said that I wanted a c-section. She said very snottily "well we can't give you a c-section just because you want one". UM, I don't care. Make it happen. Turns out right after she made that little comment the doctor came in and asked how it was going. I told him I wanted the c-section and he asked DBF what he thought. He agreed b/c he could see that I was actually pushing and no progress was being made. The doctor agreed. :onethumbup: He said that with my BP where it was the labor was going on too long to suit him and they were going to do the c-section. Take THAT miss cheerleader nurse! So they redid the epidural b/c at this point it was only taking on one side. Then at 8:14pm on 9/2 Logan was born. :heart::wub: I was so worn out that I was actually snoring during the surgery. :lol: I was so out of it that I have vague memories of DBF holding Logan up for me to kiss him and that's about all I remember from the surgery.

DBF was right next to me in the operating room, he was taking pictures during the actual surgery :roaring:. He cut the cord and held Logan while they were getting me sewn back up. He was there when they took him back down the nursery. He was amazing through this whole thing.

The next morning I felt so good I couldn't figure out why everyone in the world didn't have c-sections. It was amazing! Then the IV meds from the night before wore off.... They had me down in the PNU (area where you go after having the baby if you have complications) and I was in SO much pain and since everyone and their mother was having their babies that day there were no private rooms. I was there after delivery for 2 nights, one shared room and one private, and then upstairs in the maternity ward private rooms for 2 nights.

Apparently my BP was still a problem and then some other numbers in my bloodwork were HORRIBLE. The doctors decided I needed a blood transfusion because of how low these numbers were... I had such a bad headache and I was miserable and I couldn't move without pain at this point. I had several friends who were coming over to see him and I had to cancel them all (one girl was already in the parking lot, lol) when they decided to start the transfusion. So after that I just had the abdominal pain and the BP problems. Nothing they were trying was helping the BP. They had some other doctor come in as a consult and she put me on Procardia and metoprolol.

I plan to exclusively pump milk and with all the pain I didn't even get up the energy to try the pump until Sunday. So my supply was very low (5mls) the first couple of days but the lactation consultants and I both figured at least he's getting some, and then just using it to supplement his formula feed. Now I'm up to anywhere from 25-40 mls and he's almost exclusively on breastmilk.

They were going to release me on Monday but I didn't really want to go yet on Monday for a couple of reasons 1) it was a holiday and I wouldn't be able to get the pump rental arranged 2) DBF had to work that night and I was still having a lot of pain and didn't want my first night home to be me trying to take care of Logan by myself without anyone around. So when the covering doctor told me they could send me home or I could stay another night because I had plenty of medical reasons to still be there we opted to stay an additional night. So they released me on Tuesday morning and we're trying to get settled in to a routine here at the house. Logan loves his nursery and slept really well in his crib. :wub: I have trouble getting low enough to get him in and out of his bouncy seat/swing without pain so DBF put the bassinet part into the pack and play so I have somewhere other than the crib to put him when I'm home without help. It is so wonderful having him here and I don't know how it felt right before he arrived.

white.house September 9th, 2010 12:40 PM

Re: Logan's Arrival
WOW! Sounds like an intense time for you! I would have FREAKED too if I went in for a regular appnt and found out I would be induced that night!!! It sounds like you handled everything wonderfully though and Logan is adorable! Congrats to you and your BF!

C&J's Mom September 9th, 2010 01:21 PM

Re: Logan's Arrival
Wow! What a crazy story! I'm so glad that you and baby are doing well now! Congratulations!

cabbagepatch September 10th, 2010 05:13 AM

Re: Logan's Arrival
You really had a scary experience. But you and Logan made it through! Great job!!

lovely_serendipity September 10th, 2010 11:01 PM

Re: Logan's Arrival
Awww congrats!!

amymgem September 11th, 2010 06:05 AM

Re: Logan's Arrival
Glad you and baby are safe and sound. Must have been a scary experience for you, but I'm so glad everything turned out okay. I hope you heal very quickly!

~Kris~ September 11th, 2010 08:10 AM

Re: Logan's Arrival
What a crazy time Kara! I'm glad you're doing better now and that you're thoroughly enjoying Logan! :D

MariaL September 11th, 2010 12:02 PM

Re: Logan's Arrival
How scary! I'm glad everything worked out! Congratulations!

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