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luvbugmama December 1st, 2010 01:48 PM

THATS how i feel. seriously, i've had like no motivation for losing weight lately at all. I was doing pretty good there for a couple of months and lost like 7 pounds, but the last time i went to the doc about a week ago i was back up to 140 wich is what i weighed pretty much right after i had J. and i'm only 5'1" by the way so i should really only way like 110 =( I also don't have a scale so that's why i can only weigh myself at the docs or if i happen to go to someones house and they conveniently have a scale in their bathroom i might be tempted to hop on. When i do diet i go to the EXTREME and i count every calorie that goes into my body, right every thing down and limit myself to sometimes dangerously low amounts! and when i don't diet i pretty much stuff my face with anything and everything i want all day and night long lol. So it's hard for me to find a balance, for example i will do really good all day and after a nice little healthy dinner of baked chicken and veggies i will start to crave something sweet ( i have the biggest sweet tooth) and after a couple hours i'll give in, thats when all hell breaks loose because after i give in just a little i CANNOT for the life of me stop, it's like something takes over and i want to just keep shoving sweet treats into my mouth lol, i know it sounds crazy but it's true! any advice ladies? i need serious help!! please don't judge lol!

Oh yeah and it doesn't help that DH eats HORRIFICALLY and doesn't gain weight either way so, yeah how:heart: wonderful for him!!

Racine December 4th, 2010 06:28 AM

Re: Blah!
For the sweet tooth issue, try keeping a bag of almonds handy. When you have a craving, eat a small handful of nuts instead. It might not seem appetizing at the time, but it will totally curb your craving.

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