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caitie_pie January 19th, 2011 11:48 PM

Went into starvation mode today!!!
I have been eating lower than my alloted calories because I thought it would make up for going over... I also have been working out a ton. Trying to do jumping jacks, lunges and push ups everyday. Every night I was jogging for fifteen minutes. Then Yesterday I decided to do this pilates work out on netflix.
Anyways last night I was so hungry but it was past midnight so I was telling myself that I shouldn't eat that late. I just drank two tall glasses of water and went to bed. Then this morning our maintenance guy came by to fix our outlets that just randomly took a crap. He was here til 1 in the afternoon. He was in our kitchen and had all the electricity turned off so I couldn't make any food. By the time he left I barely had enough energy to walk to the bedroom. Macey crawled in to see me. I fed her and we both passed out for three hours.
I'm pretty sure I knew I was feeling that way from a lack of nutrition but I didn't have the energy to eat. When I woke up I took a shower and I was making it quick[5min] I couldn't even stand the whole time. I forced myself to go make myself some food. I ate but I didn't get my energy back... DH brought home Wendy's but I still didn't get my energy back. I ended up not being able to walk, it was taking all of me to have a conversation with my Dad on the phone. I passed out again around 7:45, and got up around 9:30pm. I still didn't feel completely back to normal and I still don't.

Needless to say I don't think I am going to eat so few calories anymore.
Cool thing is that I lost 2lbs over night... but I'll probably gain them back real quick cos I'm pretty sure when you go into starvation mode your metabolism takes a crap.... UGH

MomTo3LittleBoys January 20th, 2011 10:12 AM

Re: Went into starvation mode today!!!
Ya girl that is totally not healthy!! You prob will gain it back but thats ok. You want to do it the right way and keep the pounds off. Not just a quick solution.

SpydrMnky27 January 20th, 2011 11:51 AM

Re: Went into starvation mode today!!!
EAT WOMAN! lol You'll be ok. When you are hungry and it's late, eat some protein with minimal carbs. An example would be cottage cheese. It won't hurt your weight loss.

caitie_pie January 20th, 2011 09:19 PM

Re: Went into starvation mode today!!!
Thanks Cina!!! I am gonna go out and get somem cottage cheese lol

And I know, I'm so bad at making myself go long periods of time with out eating. If it's not one reason, it's another. I either have to clean, or we need to leave, or it's too late. My mom already yelled at me once for it over FB lol I don't want the quick and easy fix, I want to get myself into a healthy routine. I'm not doing this just to get skinny.
Well I don't want it to happen again so I am definitely eating more.

kimmiejo January 21st, 2011 05:17 AM

Re: Went into starvation mode today!!!
ya gotta eat girlie!! I am guilty of that too though I seriously just forget to eat sometimes I have always been that way and I don't do it on purpose it just happens!! I agree with Cina though if you eat at night do high protein low carbs, won't hurt your diet at all!! I usually snack on turkey pepperoni and cheese if I eat something before bed.

caitie_pie January 23rd, 2011 11:46 PM

Re: Went into starvation mode today!!!
Thanks for more snack ideas Kim!!! I need em lol

Still need to head to the grocery store for more cottage cheese.

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