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Wehadamoment September 23rd, 2010 05:45 PM

Has anyone else starting cramping? I haven't had any cramping until about an hour ago. I know cramping is normal, but it still makes me nervous!!

Babybear4 September 23rd, 2010 05:48 PM

Re: Cramping?!
I've had a lot of cramping. :tmi: I notice that when I start to have really bad cramps, I'll have to poop a few minutes later. It always freaks me out because it will start with just strong, period like cramps and then I realize what's going on. :lol:

Wehadamoment September 23rd, 2010 05:55 PM

Re: Cramping?!
:lol: Thanks Shelley I might have to try that then!! :tmi: :lol: It's strange how I know it's normal, but I still freak out!

Flutterbug September 23rd, 2010 06:04 PM

Re: Cramping?!
Me too! Starting to cramp more today and it makes me nervous. All week I've had really loose stools. Sorry TMI!

pumpkinseed September 23rd, 2010 08:52 PM

Re: Cramping?!
I was cramping a lot after O day but it's not too often anymore, just twinges here and there.

BrittanyWantsBaby September 24th, 2010 10:50 AM

Re: Cramping?!
:tmi:Me too Flutterbug! This morning I must have looked so sexy to my husband when I was sitting on the toilet having some poopy issues and throwing up into a plastic bag simultaneously. I will say I felt much better after I was done :D

Don't fear the cramping my friends. My OBGYN nurse told me it's normal and dont even be alarmed if they are strong enough to wake you in the middle of the night.

Lynn87 September 24th, 2010 11:10 AM

Re: Cramping?!
I started cramping right after I tested...go figure.

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