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momie2b9-20-11 July 8th, 2013 10:09 AM

Nail biting?
Does your LO bite their nails?

Kynslee is horrible about this! We try and clip her finger nails as short as we can without them bleeding and she still tries to bite them all.the.time. It's such a bad habit and it seems young to start. She also often picks at her toe nails if she doesn't have socks and shoes on. It's so gross:wacko:

irishblessing July 8th, 2013 11:19 AM

Re: Nail biting?
Nope neither of mine bite their nails. I do though and I wish I didnt!

Rachel July 8th, 2013 12:15 PM

Re: Nail biting?
Nope, he doesn't.

FallinWoman July 8th, 2013 09:13 PM

Re: Nail biting?
DS#1 did this. To the point that I went over 2 years without cutting his fingernails. At some point I was able to talk to him about it and ask him not to. Then when I noticed even the slightest growth, I praised him up and down. But that didn't happen until he was about 3.5 years old. He still will come to me a year later telling me he is not biting his nails. And he hasn't for a year now!!!

momie2b9-20-11 July 11th, 2013 09:40 AM

Re: Nail biting?
Hopefully in time I will also be able to talk to Kynslee about this and help her overcome it before it stays a major habit.

jdt July 11th, 2013 11:58 AM

Re: Nail biting?
Thankfully none of my kids bite theirs.

Karen+Zoe July 11th, 2013 10:49 PM

Re: Nail biting?
No she does not - thankfully!

bajars2531 July 31st, 2013 08:57 AM

Re: Nail biting?
Caeden always bites his nails! Drives me bonkers!

Smashley August 25th, 2013 08:08 PM

Re: Nail biting?
Silas has done this since he was under a year old. Honestly, it may sound bad, but it is one less thing that I have to worry about, so I say go nuts!

Crunchymommy October 15th, 2013 01:54 PM

Re: Nail biting?
No, but she likes to chew on her fingers.

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