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momma_d February 15th, 2012 08:59 AM

Does it bother you since you got pregnant?

I have to sit in the shower bc I just feel awful the whole time I'm in and after I get out. Am I the only one this happens to?

MJTKNT February 15th, 2012 09:16 AM

Re: Showering
No- I've been taking baths...but mostly b/c I'm just so flipping exhausted. The standing and heat (can't stand cold/cool or even just warm showers) make me just about want to fall over.

RunningMommyTo5 February 15th, 2012 09:44 AM

Re: Showering
Yes. I have to shower as quickly as possible because I feel so bad most times. I have been taking baths at night because they seem to relax me a bit and help somewhat with my nausea before bed. I like to lay in the warm water and close my eyes for a bit.

Calmdownlindsey February 15th, 2012 09:55 AM

Re: Showering
Same here- hate it. I've found that switching to showering in the morning instead of my normal evening shower helps. That means I have to get up at 5 :(

Doesn't help that pregnancy has made me feel like I need a shower more often- yuck.

GeekLover11 February 15th, 2012 10:03 AM

Re: Showering
I am absolutely in love with my showers at the moment. I am also finding that I am just sitting down, but other than that, they completely relax me.

I would say the only problem I am having at the moment is the water pressure. I seem to be turning the pressure down because my skin is so sensitive. :rolleyes:

Sherry777 February 15th, 2012 10:11 AM

Re: Showering
I take long baths in our jacuzzi tub.

Moldovandish February 15th, 2012 12:14 PM

Re: Showering
I feel bad too. I like hot showers usually, but I'm not enjoying them like I used to and I have to cut them short so I won't fall over LOL

Daffodil February 15th, 2012 02:58 PM

Re: Showering
I take long showers since I love them but I get dizzy and nauseous and have to lay on the bed naked for a bit afterwards.

GiftsfromGod February 15th, 2012 03:51 PM

Re: Showering
I can't take showers in the morning unless I have eaten first or I get very woozy. Then at night I'm so tired that I don't have the energy to stand. I've been taking baths more often at night instead of morning showering.

JulieMc February 15th, 2012 08:46 PM

Re: Showering
Oh no...I adore showers. It's so relaxing to me, and the only time I don't have someone bugging me. I stay in as long as possible. LOL. This is even more true as my pregnancy progresses...towards the end I'll take extra showers as the hot water running on me is so nice and calming and makes my back feel better. :P

CaliMommy February 15th, 2012 09:48 PM

Re: Showering
I've always sat in the shower. It's so relaxing, and I'm prone to frequent headaches (Before and after pregnancy) and I found that sitting in the shower helps. I used to sleep in the shower. Then I got yelled at for it after a county-wide black out. It was terrifying!!

Needless to say, I'm kinda gross. I only shower once every two to three days. But I make sure to keep myself very clean. I think I'm just lazy.

Showers for me are very relaxing!

NYCgirl February 16th, 2012 06:49 AM

Re: Showering
I still love my shower but after I need to lie right down!

PiXeYstyx February 16th, 2012 08:30 AM

Re: Showering
I always take showers, they never bothered me. I can't stand to take baths though bc I get too hot then I feel like crap after.

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