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~l~ June 6th, 2012 08:16 AM

To share or not to share...
I am really trying to figure out what to do with our three girls. I will lay out all of the issues and then please can you give your opinions and advice?

We have a four bedroom house with an unfinished bonus room (eventually we will finish it, but not for another year or two).

Our two girls currently share the room that is closest to the Master. It is also the largest of the three non-master bedrooms. It could definitely fit all three girls. The other two rooms are guest rooms and both have queen beds.

We plan to have the baby in a bassinet in our room until she starts sleeping long stretches at night- maybe 4-6 months. At that point we will get a crib and set her up in a room.

My 4.5 year old is a very light sleeper- she usually wakes up as soon as she hears DH moving around in the morning (or this morning at 7AM when DD2 woke up screaming and crying for no reason).

My 22 month old usually wakes up once during the night and comes and climbs into bed with DH and I.

With DD1 being such a light sleeper, she almost never gets enough sleep and trying to get her to nap is futile 75% of the time. When she doesn't get enough sleep, her behavior is atrocious- making mommy very unhappy.

I have thought about moving DD1 to her own room and having the two youngest share once we put baby in her crib. If she sleeps with a sound machine and the door closed- maybe she won't awaken so easily before she has had enough sleep? My only concern with this is what if the baby wakes DD2 through the night?

We don't live near either side of our family, but we typically only get over-night visitors once or twice per year, but when we have visitors from DH's side, we need every possible bed.

So, I don't know- should we give each of our girls their own room in hopes that they will all sleep better? If yes, we could store the two queen beds in the bonus room until it is finished. DH has six kids in his family and he never, ever had his own room so he doesn't understand me wanting them to have their own rooms. I am torn though, because the few times we have visitors, we really need the two guest rooms. Should I give my oldest a queen bed so that visitors can use her bed when they come? If we move them around, I will want to paint each room to match their bedding, but I don't have the energy for that right now, nor would I want to make changes to wall color if the girls won't stay in their own rooms for long.

:blush: Thanks for listening and I appreciate any advice from an outside perspective.

fancypants27 June 6th, 2012 08:32 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
Personally, I would say go with seperate bedrooms. What size bed does the 4.5 year old sleep in? If you have visitors, you could always move her into one of the other bedrooms for the duration of the stay. (Until you finish the bonus room of course).
My 2nd option would be to put the baby in her own room for now. And when you get around to finishing the bonus room, give each child their own room.

MomtoCarly&Sofia June 6th, 2012 08:42 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
I would give them separate rooms too. My thinking is if you have the space for them to have their own, then why not. I see no reason to have two guest rooms (or even one) when they are only used a couple times a year. Your girls could enjoy the room everyday! I'd just use a queen bed and use it for guests when they come, and have the girls share those one or two times a year.

Mollyjayne June 6th, 2012 08:55 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
I say try giving them their own rooms with the oldest getting a queen sized bed. That way when you have guests the girls can have sleep overs in each others rooms to make it that much more fun.

As for painting I'd hold off kids tastes change and you don't have the energy right now. Just hang pictures and curtains and even decals
If you want to. That way each room feels like its own but if you want: have to start having the girls share rooms it won't be too difficult to switch back. :)

~Tanya~ June 6th, 2012 09:10 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
I agree that if you have the room, giving them each their own room is a good idea. I always shared with my sister growing up & hated it because my stuff would always be touched & then when we go older and had our friends over it was even worse. If you only get the guests a couple times a year, there are ways around where they can sleep - the girls can share and they can sleep on a air mattress or the sort. I guess I'll be the first, and maybe the only one to say, but I wouldn't give any of my kids a queen bed... I guess I'm just weird like that-

Nicole1481 June 6th, 2012 09:33 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
for now I would put the youngest 2 together and give the oldest her own room. You can always switch it up later when they get older.

~l~ June 6th, 2012 09:58 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
I have been leaning toward the same thing that you all have suggested today- give them all separate rooms. Normally I would not want to give a 4 year old a queen bed, BUT my in-laws are older, heavier set, and in poor health, so they could never sleep on an air mattress nor the pull out couch.
My other idea is put the baby in the largest room with a queen bed so that it can be a guest room until 2 of the girls could share a room at some point later and keep one guest room.

THANK YOU so much for the input. Now I just need to discuss with DH. I am thinking about calling his mom and asking her if she ever had her babies share rooms with older kids to give him some perspective. He is the fourth down the line so some of the kids may have had their own rooms that he wouldn't remember because he was so young.

*Ade* June 6th, 2012 11:02 AM

Re: To share or not to share...
This is what I would do-definitely move your oldest to her own room and let her have a queen. I'd even possibly move your second to her own room and give her the other queen. But if your second doesn't really have sleep issues or sleep lightly, I don't think it's absurdly necessary to move her to her own room.

Hopolka June 6th, 2012 12:04 PM

Re: To share or not to share...
Take this for what its worth. I think DD1 should have her own room a little farther away from the Master. Sounds like she could use the extra space for a restful nights sleep. And I don't see a problem with DD2 sharing with baby once he/she comes. My SIL just moved her 21 month old son to a "big boy bed" this past week. She's due in Oct. Theyre hoping to have baby in a bassinet at bedside then first few months then move baby into DS room. They are forced to because of lack of space. It is her hope, and mine that her DS will just get used to baby's routine and sleep thru it.

You'd just have to determine if you think DD2 can handle the new routine.

Otherwise, my suggestion is move both DD1 and DD2 to a bunk-like situation in a different room and use their current room for baby. The down-side is that your guests will have less space to sleep but I'm sure they'd be understanding of your growing family. :)

Hope this helps!

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