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Carwen*Angel September 3rd, 2012 03:01 AM

READ ME FIRST: PR Netiquette, Member/Baby Info & PR Graphics

(Note from Lady Valkyrie: We pride ourselves on a wonderful, harmonious PR where there is little in the way of drama and everyone is valued and respected. Please read and follow the following guidelines written by ~~Que~~ and you will be very welcome here.)

I wanted to make a post for our group that might help everyone get along better. We have gotten a lot of new members lately and I know there can be a point of contention for any new members coming into a well-established group. I know a lot of different forums out there have different "cultures" or communication styles. You know when your mom started using Facebook, and all of the frustrating things you witnessed during her painful transition in learning the ropes? I'd like to help the newbies avoid that. I've been around Justmommies for several years now and feel like I have some insight to share. Please feel free to contribute if you feel I am off base or have missed something.

Justmommies doesn't really have a lot of posting instructions or info in the introduction forums, so I thought I'd help put together something here. This is not to call anyone out, but the main point is to help everyone get along better.


-Introduce yourself before posting. This is a very personal forum where we discuss a lot of personal topics. We'd love to know who you are before discussing personal topics.

-Search the forum before posting. Sometimes you might get discouraged because no one is answering your questions. This may be because they've already been asked repeatedly. Search the forum and you just might get the help you're looking for without having to start a new thread. It's good to read the forum a bit anyhow before participating. This might help you get to know the lay of the land.

-Don't post just to post. Don't waste anyone's time.

-Be honest. We value authenticity.

-If you disagree with a post, disagree with the topic and not the person. Try to avoid personal attacks and name calling, even if it's implication. Also remember that you do not need to respond to every single post. If you do not like a post or have nothing constructive to contribute, just ignore it and move on. If it truly personally irks you, don't be afraid to PM someone instead of causing conflict or as we like to call it in our DDC, "stirring the pot."

-Do not hijack threads. When someone posts a problem, try not to take over the thread to make it about you.

-Avoid personal one-on-one conversation in someone else's threads. If you notice that you are picking up a conversation, it might be time to PM or get a chat room.

-Be sensitive to others. This one is self explanatory.

-Ignore trolls or attention seekers. Just ignore them and they will go away. Also, don't be afraid to report suspected trolls to the hosts. They love to hear your feedback.

-Problems with another poster. Any time you have a problem with a poster, please move to a PM format and don't be afraid to bring in a host or moderator to mediate the situation.

-Be kind and welcoming to newbies.

-Be considerate of what you post. Your posts can be viewed in a basic google search.

This is just a basic outline of a few faux pas that are obstructed regularly. Feel free to add feedback. I really just wanted to help others out so that we can all get along better. By ~~Que~~

(Any feedback can be added by bumping up Que's original post: http://www.justmommies.com/forums/f1...etiquette.html)

Member Information

Since we made the original Whooo's Your Mama thread, many ladies have left and joined, so now we're on the verge of becoming a PR, I thought we would make a new one that better represents the group as it is now. :)

Please enter your details, and I will edit the member list in post 1 as we go. If you're still pregnant, come back and edit the last couple of points after the big event. :)

Screen name:
IRL first name:
Live with:
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done:
Owlet name and birthday:

Member list

Last updated: Feb 22

Team Blue Owlet Mamas

1fabulousfem - Melanie - mom to Finn
3littlepiggies - Donna - mom to Luke
Blessed.Life - Brittany - mom to Micah
emeraldeyedimp - Charline - mom to Marshall
gumonyershoe - Annaka - mom to Xavier
hopesNdreams - Laurie - mom to Chase
JennaBee - Jenna - mom to Jason
Jessimaaka - Jess - mom to Cameron
JesusisKing - Elsa - mom to AJ
Jfolk826 - Jamie - mom to Dustin
junie22 - Adrienne - mom to Jackson
K.A.T - Liz - mom to Ethan
.kelley. - Kelley - mom to Tristan
Kiwi - Tasha - mom to Benjamin
KK_1986 - Kirbie - mom to Liam
LadyCoconut - Shannon - mom to Emmett
Londons Butterfly - Jesi - mom to Evan
magz88 - Maggie - mom to Theo
MosaicWife - Missa - mom to Paxton
newmommysarah - Sarah - mom to Noah
one.juniper - Jennifer - mom to Oz
Pixie Dust - Shari - mom to Cetch
~~ Que ~~ - Que - mom to Rowan
TKbunny - Tina - mom to Elias

Team Pink Owlet Mamas

2pinks&ablue - Chantelle - mom to Hannah
20ghanover - Melanie - mom to Millie
afwifey09 - Cassie - mom to Ava
alicenwonderland - Alice - mom to Cora
AllyssaM - Allyssa - mom to Adalyn
amyinwonderland - Amy - mom to Rylan
aubers68 - Aubrey - mom to Summer
Corrupt - Cris - mom to Farah
Cylence - Jacque - mom to Taryn
georgiabrit - Polly - mom to Josie
HippieLove - Emma - mom to Harper
Hopefulpinkangel - Jennifer - mom to Molly
irunpink - Sophie - mom to Juliette
Jenn1320 - Jenn - mom to Elise
Lady Valkyrie - Sharron - mom to Michaela
lthomas - Laura - mom to Cheyenne
megg0 - Megan - mom to Hadley
megs120031 - Megan - mom to Carli
Mountain~Mama - Melanie - mom to Sarah
Niamh ૐ - Niamh - mom to Brigit
nrsmomof2boys - Mirna - mom to Rosemary
Pinkhighheels27 - Ashley - mom to Madeline
rainbowfish - Jessica - mom to Abigail
Sherry777 - Sherry - mom to Pippa
Sour Amaretto - Kelly - mom to Brystle
tryingfornumber1 - Colleen - mom to Mikayla
ufmelissa824 - Melissa - mom to Emily
yrlilangel - Mary - mom to Aubrey

Carwen*Angel September 3rd, 2012 03:06 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information

If you would like to be kept in touch with PR events when you are unavoidably MIA (eg banners, exchanges, awards, games and contests) please read the following thread:

Bump it up or PM one of the hosts with any questions. Thanks!

PR Blinkies

To put a blinkie in your siggy:

Save your chosen blinkie to your computer. Upload to Photobucket or similar.
Copy paste the IMG code into your siggy editor.

To make it link to the board:

Open up the board. Copy the URL.
In a new window, open your siggy editor. After following the above steps, highlight the IMG code (or blinkie if you had added it on a previous occasion).
Click the globe and link icon.
Paste the board URL into the pop-up window.


Board banner


Carwen*Angel September 3rd, 2012 03:14 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
*~* Our Hatchlings' Birthdays! *~*


:angel: 9th - Our special angel in Heaven - Graham (happywife) :angel:
Commemorated with permission from Misty.


:cheer: June :cheer:

7th - Harper Willow Lynne (HippieLove)
19th - Aurora (Hulaswim)
26th - Madeleine Yvonne (PamelaM826)
30th - Melanie Lynn (mzshell13)

:greencheer: July :greencheer:

11th - Rosemary "Rose" Emma (nrsmomof2boys)
11th - Bailey Beatrice (roses4u4283)
12th - Mikayla Star (tryingfornumber1)
14th - AJ (JesusisKing)
15th - Josie Lynn (georgiabrit)
17th - Elias Jared (TKbunny)
22nd - Vincent (mama4life)
23rd - Ethan Gabriel (K.A.T)
23rd - Jaden (Nikke2527)
23rd - Cheyenne Lyndsay (lthomas)
24th - Amelia "Millie" Ruth (20ghanover)
25th - Evan Alexander Michael (Londons Butterfly)
25th - Ella Mae (aarafko)
25th - Jehonna (LoveBNaMOM)
25th - Jayden (Special_K)
26th - Katalina (Mrs.Julie)
27th - Finn Giovanni (1fabulousfem)
28th - Summer Rose (aubers68)
28th - Paxton Ellis (MosaicWife)
28th - Dustin Scott (Jfolk826)
28th - Oz Michael (one.juniper)
30th - Emily Renee (ufmelissa82)
30th - Brystle Renee (Sour Amaretto)

:yellowcheer: August :yellowcheer:

1st - Carli Taylor (megs120031)
1st - Elliana "Ellie" Susan (katiebear)
1st - Judson James (Padon-n-Kyndal)
2nd - Brigit Gwyneira Aine (
Niamh ૐ)
2nd - Elise Juliana (Jenn1320)
3rd - Cormac Lewis and Ansel Frederick (Kanin)
4th - Aubrey Lynn (Avery'sMommy)
5th - Micah (Blessed.Life)
6th - Caleb Alexander (Jennifer8080)
7th - Adalyn Ryan (AllyssaM)
7th - Xavier Owen (gumonyershoe)
7th - Abigail Elyse Margaret (rainbowfish)
7th - Athena (babygreenes.mommy)
8th - Noah Oliver Philip (newmommysarah)
8th - Molly Annabeth (Hopefulpinkangel)
8th - Rowan Declan (~~Que~~)
8th - Hadley Grace Olivia (megg0)
8th - Leo (acchickpea)
9th - Jackson William (junie22)
9th - Pippa Samone (Sherry777)
10th - Farah Jane (Corrupt)
10th - Jason "Sonny" Alexander Jr (Tweetz)
11th - Mackenzie Olivia (sarahlong0929)
12th - Cameron Jacob (Jessimaaka)
13th - Tristan Morris (.kelley.)
13th - Marshall Logan (emeraldeyedimp)
14th - Madeline Kate (Pinkhighheels27)
15th - Taryn Renee (Cylence)
15th - Jaxson "Cetch" Cetch (Pixie Dust)
16th - Jason (JennaBee)
16th - Ava Kay (afwifey09)
16th - Juliette Vera (irunpink)
16th - Aubrey Nicole (yrlilangel)
17th - Emmett Murphy (LadyCoconut)
17th - Theo Francis (magz88)
21st - Benjamin John (Kiwi)
21st - Carlie Sue (lmunoz8517)
22nd - Rylan Pearl (amyinwonderland)
23rd - Cora Elaine (alicenwonderland)
23rd - Michaela Pixie (Lady Valkyrie)
24th - Alice Annmarie (Mrs. Mustin)
24th - Ryan Dean (jesslynn2000)
24th - Luke Henry (3littlepiggies)
24th - Anna Elizabeth (berryblue031)
25th - Trinity Cheyenne (MrsJohnson)
26th - William "Liam" Eugene (KK_1986)
27th - Sarah (Mountain~Mama)
28th - Tuckr Lee (TuckrLeesMommy)

:greencheer: September :greencheer:

5th - Connor Michael (Ever)
7th? - Hannah (2pinks&ablue)

:bluecheer: October :bluecheer:

13th - Chase (hopesNdreams)

Member birthday list


6th - Jenna (JennaBee)
10th - Shari (Pixie Dust)
11th - Liz (K.A.T)
21st - Kelley (.kelley.)
22nd - Adrienne (junie22)
25th - Amy (amyinwonderland)
29th - Ashley (Pinkhighheels27)


1st - Alice (alicenwonderland)
8th - Emma (HippieLove)
12th - Cris (Corrupt)
15th - Polly (georgiabrit)
17th - Brittany (Blessed.Life)
21st - Melanie (Mountain~Mama)


14th - Megan (megg0)


1st - Mary (yrlilangel)
4th - Tasha (Kiwi)
9th - Laura (lthomas)
16th - Kelly (Sour Amaretto)
27th - Annaka (gumonyershoe)


29th - Sarah (newmommysarah)
30th - Sharron (Lady Valkyrie)


4th - Tina (TKbunny)
9th - Mirna (nrsmomof2boys)
10th - Shannon (LadyCoconut)
12th - Maggie (magz88)


4th - Laurie (hopesNdreams)
5th - Melanie (20ghanover)
8th - Kirbie (KK_1986)
18th - Aubrey (aubers68)
27th - Jennifer (one.juniper)
30th - Jessica (rainbowfish)


12th - Allyssa (AllyssaM)
13th - Sherry (Sherry777)
20th - Donna (3littlepiggies)
21st - Colleen (tryingfornumber1)
24th - Melissa (ufmelissa824)
30th - Sophie (irunpink)
30th - Melanie (1fabulousfem)


2nd - Jesi (Londons Butterfly)
13th - Jess (Jessimaaka)
27th - Jacque (Cylence)
30th - Charline (emeraldeyedimp)


1st - Niamh (Niamh ૐ)
10th - Jamie (Jfolk826)
12th - Missa (MosaicWife)
13th - Jennifer (Jenn1320)
25th - Elsa (JesusisKing)
30th - Cassie (afwifey09)


27th - Chantelle (2pinks&ablue)
27th - Que (~~ Que ~~)


8th - Jennifer (Hopefulpinkangel)
20th - Megan (megs120031)

newmommysarah September 3rd, 2012 03:55 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: Newmommysarah
IRL first name: Sarah
Location: Drogheda, Ireland
Birthday: 29th May
Live with: My fiance Alan, our crazy dog Maggie and our three chinchillas Abby, Ozzy and Eli
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: NTNP
Owlet name and birthday: Noah, 8th August 2012

Carwen*Angel September 3rd, 2012 05:34 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
LOVE that picture!

Screen name: Lady Valkyrie
IRL first name: Sharron
Location: Manchester, UK
Birthday: 30th May
Live with: Mum, DP Shaun, DS Daniel, and DD Michaela
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: Going on BC/Done
Owlet name and birthday: Michaela Pixie - 23rd August


Shaun, Daniel and me in August 2011

Shaun, Michaela and me in August 2012

Will replace with better, newer picture when I have one. ;)

HippieLove September 3rd, 2012 05:41 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: Hippielove
IRL first name: Emma
Location: Australia
Birthday: 8th of Feb
Live with: Jaelah, Oliver and Mianna
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: done
Owlet name and birthday: Harper 7th of June
Picture: http://cimg6.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.just...2c73c470d6.jpg

2pinks&ablue September 3rd, 2012 06:35 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: 2pinks&ablue
IRL first name: Chantelle.
Location:NB, Canada.
Birthday: Nov. 27th.
Live with: DH, MIL, Alyssa (5), Rylan (3.5), Sophia (14 months).
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: We're undecided.
Owlet name and birthday: TBA
Picture: TBA

Jessimaaka September 3rd, 2012 08:27 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: Jessimaaka
IRL first name: Jess
Location: Ontario, Canada
Birthday: September 13
Live with: DH (Ken), Cameron, Bama (dog), Felix (bird)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: NFP
Owlet name and birthday: Cameron Jacob, August 12
Picture: will update once we get a nice one of all of us together (hopefully on my birthday in a few days)

Cylence September 3rd, 2012 09:34 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: Cylence
IRL first name: Jacque
Location: TN
Birthday: 9/27/1984
Live with: Hubby and baby, also with 2 dogs, a lizard & a snake :)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: Hubby still wants a boy, but for now I'm on lockdown :)
Owlet name and birthday: Taryn Renee 8/15/2012
Picture: http://cimg6.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.just...4eb0db0dfd.jpg

3littlepiggies September 3rd, 2012 09:43 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: 3littlepiggies
IRL first name: Donna
Location: Missouri
Birthday: August 20th
Live with: dh (43), dd (11), dd (7), dd (6), ds (10 days)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: NTNP/Done
Owlet name and birthday: Luke Henry, August 24th

Pinkhighheels27 September 3rd, 2012 10:07 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: Pinkghighheels27
IRL first name: Ashley
Location: Nashville, TN
Birthday: 1/29
Live with: DH (Tommy), Madeline (DD), Sophie (dog)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: Will immediately begin bcp, and might be done..not sure yet.
Owlet name and birthday: Madeline, August 14
Picture: This photo is from a week and a half ago, so I'll try to update a new one!


afwifey09 September 3rd, 2012 10:24 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: afwifey09
IRL first name: Cassie
Location: Mountain Home, Idaho
Birthday: October 30, 1985
Live with: Bryan (DH), Ava (DD), Muffin & Chloe (DFB - dear furbabies!)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: On BC
Owlet name and birthday: Ava - August 16, 2012

amyinwonderland September 3rd, 2012 11:44 AM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: amyinwonderland
IRL first name: Amy
Location: Grayson, GA
Birthday: 1/25/1970
Live with: Mom, Delaney (DD 15), Rylan (DD new), Glory (dog), Edison (cat), Sunshine (turtle)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: not entirely sure yet but most likely done (I'm old..lol)
Owlet name and birthday: Rylan Pearl August 22nd

magz88 September 3rd, 2012 12:10 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: magz88
IRL first name: Maggie
Location: Barrie, ON
Birthday: June 12, 1978
Live with: Richard (husband), Theo (son)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: Dunzo
Owlet name and birthday: Theo, August 17
Picture: tba

AllyssaM September 3rd, 2012 12:24 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: AllyssaM
IRL first name: Allyssa
Location: Honolulu, HI
Birthday: Aug 123, 1988
Live with: Will - DH. Emmersyn - DD1. Adalyn - DD2.
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: Done but going on BC.
Owlet name and birthday: Adalyn - August 7
Picture: TBA - Hopefully later this week :)

ufmelissa824 September 3rd, 2012 12:35 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name:
IRL first name: Melissa
Location: Florida
Birthday: August 24
Live with: Kenyon (DH), Emily (DD) and Riley (dog)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: on BC
Owlet name and birthday: Emily born on July 30

therevslady September 3rd, 2012 01:33 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: ~~Que~~
IRL first name: Que
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Birthday: 11-27
Live with: My husband, daughter, and three sons
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: No idea, lol
Owlet name and birthday: Rowan Declan Aug 8
I don't have very many pics of myself... but here is one of Rowan and I that someone posted on facebook from the Improving Birth Rally today

sophie830 September 3rd, 2012 02:59 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: irunpink
IRL first name: Sophie
Location: texas
Live with: dh, dd1 - Mirabel (age 2), dd2 - Juliette (age 2 weeks)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: I guess some form of bc/ntnp
Owlet name and birthday: Juliette/August 16th
Picture: from hospital

Mom2JDub September 3rd, 2012 03:29 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: junie22

IRL first name: Adrienne

Location: California

Birthday: January 22

Live with: DH William

TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: Probably done

Owlet name and birthday: Jackson William - August 9

Picture: Here's one of Jackson and me at 4 days PP


Blessed.Life September 3rd, 2012 04:31 PM

Re: Whooo's Your Mama? - v2.0 - Member Information
Screen name: Blessed.Life
IRL first name: Brittany
Location: Southern California
Birthday: 2/17
Live with: DS (Micah), DH (Scott) and our 2 dogs (Riley and Bella) and kitty (Sydney)
TTC, NTNP, on BC or Done: BC
Owlet name and birthday: Micah 8/5

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