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alybr January 3rd, 2013 02:31 PM

Part time??
Just wondering how many of you full timers have thought about working part time now? I sure am considering it. I knew a baby would be a ton of work, but just thinking about working full time and leaving her with someone that many hours of the day, plus how our house will look after i go back-lol... housekeeping is hard enough now and i'm still on leave until feb! :( Can barely step foot in our laundry room as it is! I want to request it once i go back, not even sure if they'll approve it. But I kinda feel guilty, even though I know I shouldn't. DH got a much better paying job a year ago this month, and we really don't need me to work full time. We will have to cut back a little, but will still be fine.... It's especially hard now that DH is working 60 plus hours a week and barely home, and seems like it may keep up. So everything right now is pretty much on me, all the night feedings, housework, grocery shopping, paying bills, letting the dog out, ect.... I can only imagine what it will be like working full time with him working all those hours.... :(

LetGo January 4th, 2013 05:06 AM

Re: Part time??
If you don't think your career would be hurt by it, go for it! If I knew I could drop to PT or take a few years off and get my same job back, I would. I toy with the idea of taking time off on occasion, but I have a good job and it's a family oriented workplace. With the job market the way it is, I don't think I could take years off and expect to get a similar position in the future. Also, we've been thru one layoff, so the idea of another one without a second full time salary & benefits worries me.

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