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aislin22 February 26th, 2013 09:28 PM

Hi and any other moms have this sleep issue?
Hi moms! How is everyone? I'm new here and my name is Emilie and I am a FTM. I am the proud mommy of my DD Olivia who will be 6 months old on Sunday. I know sleep issues get asked a lot but I haven't seen Olivia's issue in any boards so I thought I would ask in a new thread. Olivia will wake up once a night to feed which I have no problem with at all. She is a great sleeper once she falls asleep but my issue is actually getting her to fall asleep. She will go down easy in her crib with no tears at nap times during the day but when it's bed time at night she will fight like her daddy to avoid bedtime. (Daddy might actually cry more than she does lol) :p I watch for her cues and lay her down with ease at nap times. She will go down for a nap within the same hour window daily. She shows me the same cues at bed time usually about 8 and i try to have her routine done by 8. bedtime routine is over and she is still up after laying her down numerous times until 11pm. I have tried the Ferber method for bedtime but I am really really not comfortable with it. I am hoping to lay her down without crying to sleep. she skipped her afternoon nap today and I tried to get her in bed since 7:30 as she was yawning and rubbing her sweet eyes constantly. routine was followed and here we are a quarter after 11 and she just fell asleep. I let her cry to sleep which is so heartwrenching for me but I didn't know what else to do.

I'm not saying any mom is a bad mom for doing the CIO approach, but I can't do it. I really don't want her to cry to sleep but I know she needs her sleep as she will get up about 8am on her own no matter what time she goes to sleep. How can I get her to fall asleep comfortably without any crying? I should mention too that DH works 3pm to 2am 6 days a week so I am doing all this alone. Am I doing the right thing by not wanting to go the CIO approach? Anyone else have this issue?

Blessed Mommy Of 5 February 26th, 2013 11:24 PM

Re: Hi and any other moms have this sleep issue?
Hi Emilie and welcome to our playroom!! I'm Michelle, proud Mommy of baby Kyah as well as 4 older kiddos :) Very nice to "meet" you, and I hope you stick around!

I am having sleep issues as well, only mine are different than yours. Kyah doesn't have trouble getting to sleep, just staying asleep. Lol, just the opposite of little Olivia!

The first thing I thought of while reading your issue, was bedtime routine. Which you are already following! Does her bedtime routine include a warm bath? That always helps Kyah sleep. My next thought is what is your approach to getting her to sleep? Have you tried rocking her to sleep? That used to work when Kyah was much younger, but now I have to actually "bounce" her to sleep. That is where I sit on the edge of a chair or bed and literally bounce lightly while holding her against my chest, and that puts her to sleep easily. Of course, it isn't really as easy as it sounds though...believe it or not bouncing a baby to sleep each day can be rough on your back. However, it does work for my baby girl.

Have you tried running a fan on low in the room? Sort of for the noise I suppose. I always have our fan on low, facing a different direction (not blowing on baby), and I think it also helps.

I'm not sure what the setting is like for you, when you try getting Olivia to sleep. Are there distractions (tv, lights, etc)?

Could you tell us what your approach is to putting Olivia to sleep? Then maybe I could come up with some more ideas :)

jojo2bee February 26th, 2013 11:32 PM

Re: Hi and any other moms have this sleep issue?
Hi and welcome! Im JoLina and a FTM to my DS Matthew.

Its took me a while to get him to go to bed at night at a decent hour but honestly it just ended up happening really. Hes ben really good with going to sleep when we lay him down. Rarely will he not go to sleep right away.

Anyways I dont mean to go on about myself lol. Honestly you just gotta try different things until you find what works. Im not a fan of theat method either so dont worrie lol. But I would say maybe try just putting her to bed around 11 when she usually will end going to sleep ata gradually push the time up untill you get her going to bed at a better time for you. For the most part thats what I did with Matthew. Good luck though!

aquariussweety21 February 27th, 2013 02:33 AM

Re: Hi and any other moms have this sleep issue?
Hello and nice to meet you. I am stefani FTM to Mason who is just under 5 months old.

I also am not a fan of that approach myself. I had a lot of issues with mason doing the same thing until only a few weeks ago. He used to not go to bed until between 11:30 and 1 in the morning. He has kind of just made his own schedule sleep wise and eating wise over time though and it has all moved up so that he slowly ended up sleeping earlier and earlier. Part of what gets us through is him napping for about an hour around 8:00. Then he wakes up. Plays for a few and then eats some cereal and has his night time bottle. We hang out for a bit and he gets cuddly around 10 and is put by 10:30 then i put him in his bed. Is there a chance she might nap when she starts showing those signs with you holding her? I do agree with JoLina that maybe slowly pushing the time up will help. Not sure how going to bed that late works for you though. Wishing you luck!!!

aislin22 February 27th, 2013 09:21 PM

Re: Hi and any other moms have this sleep issue?
Hello Michelle, JoLina and Stefani! Thank you all for the suggestions! I am not really complaining about Olivia's sleeping. I have it much better than before! She had a 4 month sleep regression where she was up literally at least 2 or three times an hour all night long for almost a month. Completely exhausted, I tried to Ferberize her. It did work yes but I am started to get afraid she would become afraid of being abandoned all night and give up on trying to call me if she needed anything. I gave up I couldn't take the crying. It was too much to see her like that. I tried starting her routine today at 8:30, finished at 9 and she was asleep at 9:30. Much better than 11. I nurse her until she is mostly asleep after her routine (which does include a warm bath with lots of splashing. ;) She went down with no crying at all tonight! Thank you for the suggestions and for telling me about your little ones. This whole motherhood thing is so new to me, and completely unexpected at that. Olivia is the best oops I have ever done. ;)

proudmomtoEthan February 27th, 2013 10:59 PM

Re: Hi and any other moms have this sleep issue?
My little Hailey used to be the same way. I started bedtime at 8 and she woul not go to sleep until 11-12. So I just started pushing up her bedtime every week until eventually she started wanting to go to bed earlier and earlier. This took a good month to happen but now he goes down at 8-8:30 an sleeps until 7am. Some days she goes down earlier.

I was going nuts trying to he her to bed on my schedule when finally I just decided I couldn't take the crying (me and her) so I let her take lead and it worked out great.

I hope you and your little one can get a routine thy works for you both soon.

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