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Crystallee April 27th, 2013 07:21 PM

BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
Post your questions here for her to answer on thursday and put in your picture requests for her to put up on friday! Here are your daily questions/events!

Monday: Post an intro about your baby (post as little or as much as you'd like)
Tuesday: Post 20 facts about your baby
Wednesday: Share your favorite baby pics
Thursday: Answer any questions the ladies might have for you (please save all questions asked for this day)
Friday: Post pics that other members request from you. Things you might not think to post yourself.

Marie.sThrees April 29th, 2013 05:51 AM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
I think the best way to start this off is with Philip's birth story. I'm sure I haven't shared it since life was so hectic back then. Sorry it's looooong. I'm a wordy girl for sure. ;)

Wed, Dec 19th 2012
I had a routine doctor's appt to check dilation or effacement of my cervix. The week before I had *maybe* fingertip to a 1 dilation and a soft cervix, but no action happening. I'd been having actual Braxton Hicks contractions so I was looking forward to something going on downstairs. Maybe? Of course, nadda. Nothing had progressed within the course of that week. On top of the Braxton Hicks, I'd been suffering from a HORRIBLE flu and coughing my head off. The day before, I'd had to take my second son Seth to the hospital and he was diagnosed with Influenza A. This was bittersweet, because as much as I was looking forward to Philip's arrival, I was also scared my new baby son would get the flu too.
After my appt, everything was normal as could be. Fast forward to 12am that night. I started losing my mucus plug! I was excited b/c this was exactly how labor started with Drake! I warned Paul that *maybe, just maybe* this could be the night. I also started feeling crampy as the night progressed. Not painful, but crampy all the same. I forced myself to sleep and was awoken at 2am by some real contractions. Nothing too painful, but enough to wake me out of sleep. I started timing the contractions and they were 8-10 mins apart and about 30-45 sec long each. I stayed up for an hour and a half timing them, but nothing more was progressing. I let myself fall back asleep and when I woke up the next morning everything had stopped. That day, Thursday, my mom and I walked all over town shopping for last minute things and trying to jump start the labor back up. All I was left with was BH contractions nonstop and horrible round ligament pain in my groin and almost had me collapsing on the ground. Yeah. Never would I try to 'walk the baby out' again. Hahah!
Sun, Dec 23rd 2012
The previous day I had to admit myself to our local Rapid Response (ER) with my week long bout of the flu. It was getting worse and I feared it had turned into a sinus infection. I was right and put on antibiotics. Having this flu the week before Christmas AND delivering a baby made for a mad dash to complete things before Christmas Day. I had so much to do my head was spinning! I had my two other sons’ presents hidden in the basement waiting to be wrapped and one gift that I had found as a consignment shop that needed scrubbed. After getting antibiotics through my system, I thought I was super mom and took to vacuuming, dishes, laundry, scrubbing and prepping the gifts in the basement. After all the scrubbing, I started feeling the crampy sensation coming back. I decided to take a much needed rest and came upstairs. Much to my surprise, when I stopped at the bathroom, I had bright red blood on my panty liner as well. Uh oh. Waaaaaay too much scrubbing! I told hubby, things could be happening, although, NOW I didn't want them too until I had taken a few more rounds of antibiotics. I rested and drank hot tea for the rest of the day, but continued to lightly bleed and have the crampish feelings.
Mon, Dec 24th 2012
I woke up early that morning, maybe around 2am to light contractions again. They were definitely timeable and coming just like before, every 8-10 mins. Nothing too painful so I was not worried since the last round didn't produce anything or change. These didn't change either, in intensity or time.
This day was Christmas Eve and we were supposed to go to my in-laws for our family Christmas exchange. I woke up and STILL was having contractions and bright red bloody show. We pondered the idea of me staying home and the boys going to the party, but I told Paul, 'If it was going to happen it was going to happen no matter where we were'. We packed our hospital bags into the car just in case and headed over. I knew that baby Philip was on his way! My guess was either that day or Christmas. My contractions were a little painful but spaced so far apart that I knew all they needed to do was speed up and we would be in business.
Tue, Dec 25th 2012
I woke up to a painful contraction at 230am. This one wrapped around my lower belly and I knew I wasn't getting any more sleep that night. This contraction felt like the REAL deal. I lay in bed and began timing the contractions. For over an hour, they were still only 8-10 mins apart. Ugh! I couldn't believe it! But still, they were getting more intense. I thought that had to be something. I decided to go the bathroom and I was having more bright red bloody discharge and also a few small clots. This made me worried. I really hoped my placenta wasn't detaching or something happening with my sweet little boy in there. He wasn't moving around as much as usual. I waited until about 4 and called my mom for advice. Red blood, and she thought I should definitely call the doctor! I called the ER to ask the labor and delivery nurse what I should do. My contractions STILL were not close together but getting more painful. The nurse on call said we should go in just to be sure. Better safe than sorry. I was relieved to hear that! I didn't want to think of anything bad happening to my little baby. We packed up the boys, saw that Santa had left their presents under the tree (what a Christmas morning!), and were out the door to my mother's house in a flash. I was sad my mom couldn't come with us, but she was cooking Christmas dinner that day for my side of the family and was torn on what to do. We decided hubby and I would go in and see what was going on before making a final decision on who would be where.
We got to the ER at about 430am and I was checked. No placental abruption and baby's heart rate was great; in the 140s. I was dilated to a 3 or 4 so they decided to monitor me before admitting me make sure I was really in labor. I've never dilated with any pregnancy beforehand, so I knew I was there to stay. Baby wasn't moving as much as they'd like so I had to start drinking ice water and then eating ice chips. I'm so glad we were there so they could keep an eye on him.
At about 6am they checked me again and I was a good 4cm and 75% effaced. Yay! I was being admitted! I couldn't believe it; I was having a Christmas baby!! I had to go through one bolus of fluid in an IV and antibiotics for being GBS+ before I could have an epidural so I labored on. These contractions were now getting closer together and more intense. I had to rock through them and breathe. I was pretty proud of myself for not getting too flustered. At about 730am my nurse told me I could now get the epidural if I wanted and then she would check me. Oh thank you nurse! One epidural STAT. Heh heh. Everything got into place and the nurse checked me again around 8am. I was still just over a 4cm, but all effaced. She talked with my OB and they decided to start a little Pitocin to see if the contractions would get a little more productive. I was hoping they would just break my water, but since my OB wasn't right there, the nurse couldn't. She assured me it was only a little Pitocin. I relaxed and let the contractions do their thing, imagining myself opening up for baby with each one. Suddenly, at about 930-10am I started feeling a little more pressure with each one. Not pushing faze, but just that something was happening. I watched the monitor and my contractions didn't seem to be getting any more intense. I was anxious to see if I was making any progress. The nurse came in and checked me, and wouldn't you know, I was already at 8cm! Yahoo! She started getting the room ready and I was made some calls to my mom and told her the Christmas boy would be arriving veeeery soon. By 1030-1045am I was feeling pressure. I knew the baby was right there. The nurse checked, and sure enough, I was complete. I told her my baby's only take a few pushes to come out, so I didn't do any practice pushing at all. I couldn't believe my water hadn't broken yet either. Crazy! We waited for the OB to arrive so baby Philip could be born. My MIL was getting very antsy and hubby and I were chuckling. He'd say, 'Mom. It IS Christmas Day! Let the poor woman get her shoes on.' AHAHAHAHA! Funniest thing ever. My OB arrived and got ready to break my water. We were all having a laugh about there being a flood if I just pushed the baby out and he came on a tidal wave. For some reason my OB didn't like that prospect at all. After she broke my water, she declared she could see a head full of hair. OH MY GOSH! My other sons had been bald! I couldn't wait to see this little hairy monkey. I waited for a contraction to begin and then I pushed. One push, and he was out! I looked at my little dark brown haired Christmas baby and couldn't believe he was here! I just laughed because I was so happy and overjoyed to see him! Because I laughed, out came my placenta, plop! Then we had another laugh. My OB hadn't had that happen before. Both baby and placenta were delivered at 11:11am. What a quick and wonderful birth! Philip scored a 9 and 9 on his Apgar scores and had the healthiest scream. He took a little bit to start nursing and when he did nurse, he was a sleepy nurser and had to have me pat his leg to keep him going. He learned quickly, and by the time we were released Thursday, Philip was 6lbs 14oz. By his checkup Friday, he weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and 20in long! He is well over his older brother Seth and growing like a champ.

Marie.sThrees April 29th, 2013 05:51 AM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees

Wishinfor2ndblessing April 29th, 2013 08:52 AM

What An amazing story!

Blcooper32 April 29th, 2013 11:10 AM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
That's awesome! Like the perfect labor and delivery :)

burnbot April 29th, 2013 04:51 PM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
Great story! Thanks for sharing!

Marie.sThrees April 29th, 2013 05:00 PM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
His delivery was so wonderful! I wish that my mom could have been there with me. :/ She's my best friend, so that's the only thing I wish was different. Thanks ladies. :)

A little more about Philip.....
I didn't get to post much here during my pregnancy with him b/c I was soooo sick. The first two trimesters were the pits! We tried to find out what he was on u/s and that little booger wouldn't give up the goods. Everyone one was CONVINCED he was a 'she' b/c I was so dang sick. I just kept saying, whatever 'it' is I don't care, as long as it's a healthy baby. At around 32 (?) weeks we discovered it was a BOY! Hah! (My mom was a little disappointed, heh heh. FOUR grandsons and counting.....) A little before finding out his sex, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. :( It was the most heart wrenching experience of my life. My grandpa was so sad he wouldn't get to see 'snigglefritz' come into the world. I ended up helping my mom take care of my grandpa almost 24/7 and while in the hospice house, he had a profound vision before he died. It involved the disciples and the three crosses from the bible. I knew then that Philip would be named after one of the disciples as an awesome reminder of my grandfather and the last days of his life. I gave my husband the list and said pick one of these names.... no if's and's or but's. Philip's middle name is Frederick which was my grandpa's middle name also. He's just grandpa's little angel!

MarlowesMum April 30th, 2013 11:34 AM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
Great birth story, Marie!

How is Phillip as a baby compared to your other two boys?
What’s your favorite time of the day with Phillip?
How are Seth and Drake doing as big brothers to baby Phillip? Is he interested in them?

Do you have any pictures to share of Phillip straight “out of the oven”?

Blcooper32 May 1st, 2013 08:37 AM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
That's awesome :)
Has Philip rolled yet?
Any teeth?
What is his latest fav toy?

Pics lets see some of him with his brothers

Marie.sThrees May 1st, 2013 03:02 PM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
20 facts about Philip: (sorry it's a day late!)

1) He was 19in long and weighed 6lb 15oz at birth.

2) He's the smallest of all my sons.

3) I had a miscarriage before I got pregnant with him and thought I couldn't have any more children.

4) He has HUGE feet and is wearing 12-24mth socks.

5) He was the only baby born on Christmas Day in our hospital so I think he was a little spoiled by the nurses. ;) He came home with 3 hand knitted Christmas hats.

6) He still sleeps in his bassinet.

7) He is a happy baby! Laughs at everyone and is always content.

8) He is lactose intolerant and so I can't have dairy or beef in my diet.

9) It took 16 days for his umbilical cord to come off!

10) He has to be on scripts for his horrible skin issues. (thanks to the dairy I *sometimes* eat....) He gets horrible red burn-like sores under his arms around his neck and under his legs, and behind his ears. In his belly button too! Then a fine red rash all over his body. Poor kid. 'Smooth as a baby' does NOT apply to him.

11) His hair and eyes seem to be staying brown like his dads. I always wanted a child with both so I am thrilled!

12) He's the last member of our family. *tear!*

13) His feet sweat soooo bad. Gross! They are wet and clammy feeling all the time. At least they don't stink like his brothers. (What baby is born with stinky feet?!? LOL)

14) He is an exact replica of his dad. We sometimes call him Paul Jr.

15) He won't eat solid food until he's at least 6 months. Both his brothers started at 4, so this is quite a change.

16) He had such terrible congestion when he was first born (until about 3 months) that I had him sleep in my bed so I could prop him up.

17) I charted for about 5 months before I got pregnant with him.

18) According to his natal chart, he will be quite a talkative guy. Can't wait to find out if that's true. :)

19) He just started chewing on teethers and toys. Before he was all about the hand.

20) He HATES HATES HATES being in a sling or carrier. Talk about one sad mama. I love my carriers and ring slings.

Marie.sThrees May 6th, 2013 08:35 AM

Re: BOTW is Philip-Marie.SThrees
Ok, I know my week is over, but I didn't get all the stuff on here I wanted to. :( Why oh why does life have to be moving at warp speed?? And of course, I can't just sit down at the computer easily and I can't use this site anymore with my ipod/iphone so I'm just screwed. Boooo!

Here are pics of Philly brand new:

Here are some of my favorite pics from Philip's newborn photos:

And I pic of my three boys I just took at Easter:

I'll try and post some more later! Hope you guys don't mind.

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