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JillMama September 13th, 2013 05:57 AM

Are any of your babies wearing shoes regularly now? I tried yesterday and he made it about an hour LOL

KMH September 13th, 2013 06:11 AM

Re: Shoes
Does Jett pull them off?

At home the kids are always barefoot or in socks. When we go somewhere they wear shoes.

Yesterday I had to go pick up new glasses, so I put shoes on the twins...and I decided to put them in their squeaker shoes. OMG, they thought they were hilarious bouncing up and down to make them squeak. I need to put them on again and get a video :giggle:

Jinnah September 13th, 2013 08:42 AM

Re: Shoes
No shoes here. I will by some as soon as he walks without holding on to something.

KMH, what are squeaker shoes?

KMH September 13th, 2013 11:10 AM

They have a little squeaker in the heel of the shoe so when they walk they squeak...so hilarious when the kids catch on that THEY make the noise!

BTW...not something my kids wear to walk around in public because that would drive everyone nuts ;) They were in the stroller while we were out and only squeaked them at home.

Jinnah September 13th, 2013 11:27 AM

Re: Shoes
Sounds cute. Where did you buy them?

KMH September 13th, 2013 11:37 AM

Re: Shoes
Zulily :)

yashobo September 13th, 2013 06:06 PM

Re: Shoes
Yeah, squeaker shoes are so much fun for the little ones:) We nearly always have shoes on outside. At home we go barefoot if its hot and have a socks on when its cold.

Mich05 September 13th, 2013 06:14 PM

Re: Shoes
I just started puting Mathieu in Robeez knock offs. he won't keep socks offand it is starting to cool off. He is not walking and i prefer no real shoes until he can walk unassisted but i'm thinking we will have to buy winter boots anyways to keep those little feet war!

babymama10 September 13th, 2013 11:40 PM

Re: Shoes
We are going to Stride rite for a pair of shoes because she walks like a pro know. She wears a cute pair of sneaker type rubber crib shoe for baby taking steps but its not a great shoe.She actually ran about 6-7 steps yesterday I thought she was gonna fall but she was in complete control. First thing I said to my husband is we gotta video tape her cause nobody is going to believe this. LOL She was in Barnes and Noble today dancing to the little dorky music today. She was bouncing up and down.We had a crowd around us because she is so tiny to be acting and walking and jumping so well. It was funny. Emma was loving the attention and just thought she was hot stuff! LOL This is such a cute stage. :)

michellelove0502 September 20th, 2013 07:11 PM

Re: Shoes
He's been wearing shoes since he was about 3 months old lol but only barefoot or socks at home lol

Summerdays12 September 22nd, 2013 09:49 PM

Re: Shoes
Jonah is full time walking now. He's barefoot at home but now wears his cute little See Kai Run shoes when we go out :)

Mich05 September 25th, 2013 06:11 AM

Re: Shoes
We need to get boots for winter - has anybody already picked some out? i was thinking something soft soled as he is not walking yet.

Belita September 25th, 2013 04:53 PM

Re: Shoes
No shoes yet. He has some Pediped sneakers and boots for when he starts walking.

myfavoriteshoes September 28th, 2013 08:14 AM

Re: Shoes
At home, no.
When we're out? He wears soft soled shoes like Robeez or something like that.

JillMama October 6th, 2013 08:35 PM

Re: Shoes
Jett's doing so much better with shoes now! He keeps them on now :D

The ones he does the best are See Kai Run

myfavoriteshoes October 7th, 2013 04:06 AM

Re: Shoes
Well I guess now my answer is NO 100% all the time because of the casts...

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