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Avalicious December 18th, 2012 07:33 AM

I'm not sure I like my OBG....
He's new to me. He had a partner whom had been my OBG for 9ish years but he took a Chief Medical position at the hospital so I was stuck seeing this other guy. He seems nice enough but he doesn't seem to have it all together in some ways. His EDD was the day after what I had (based on my charting) but now he's got it for 2 days after I had. For the first trimester I couldn't swallow those horse prenatal pills so I bought an OTC chewable but have mentioned to him that I can handle the pills now... still hasn't written me a script for any or given me any samples. He also wouldn't do my AFP until he showed I was 15 weeks which was technically the day after I saw him but he scheduled me to come back the first week in January.

He has told me we were going to schedule my ultra sound at my last visit but he has changed that to my next visit. I'm just not sure what to think at this point. DH and I have talked about getting a midwife, especially because of my not wanting any pitocin or an epidural based on my last experience with it... it was horriffic to say the least.

He's nice, just very different from what I'm used to having. My last OBG was, IMO, the best. I also had to change insurances, and I didn't tell them when I was making the decision... only after the change had taken place and they said this doctor doesn't like those kind of changes and would have to talk to him about it and get back to me. Um... I didn't realize that that was any of their business as long as they took the insurance (which they do). I'm just not sure what to think... I am heavily leaning towards a midwife though.

Joanne Nicole December 18th, 2012 08:46 AM

Re: I'm not sure I like my OBG....
My vote is for midwife. I saw an OB right at the beginning of my first pregnancy and I didn't like the way I was treated - like he could have cared less who I was, just get in and get out and don't forget your co-pay. I switched to a midwife and she was amazing. Scheduled full hour appointments every time, just to chat and catch up and see how I was doing physically and emotionally. She was available any time I needed to call to ask a question, and when I had a crazy long labour, she and a few student midwives took rotating positions, staying with me for 2 full days. And then she came to the house the next day to check on me and baby. I think midwives are the best, and I'm using one this pregnancy as well. If you're not planning to use any interventions anyways, then midwives are great for that. If you're delivering at a hospital, all the interventions are available just in case you need them, but a midwife won't push you to do anything you don't want to do unless it's absolutely necessary.

I think you have to be comfortable with the person delivering your baby and caring for you all these months. I find that midwives are definitely better at providing the one on one care that I want and need.

MrsLat December 18th, 2012 01:02 PM

Re: I'm not sure I like my OBG....
I would say switch if you aren't sure you like the doctor. I mean... an OB is one of those doctors you get REALLY up close and personal with. And it is incredibly important to feel open with them. So if you don't feel that way, switch :) Good luck

Kim3 December 18th, 2012 01:50 PM

Re: I'm not sure I like my OBG....
I say go with your heart. You need a physician or midwife who listens to your needs. I was extremely worried with my age and risks - luckily my perinatologist sat down and discussed all test options (ie: the Harmony which has so many fewer false positives than the first trimester blood screen). S/he needs to treat you as a person - physical and mental. However, you do want to make sure you are in a good hospital with a great MD and NICU available in case the unexpected happens (not to be negative - your just want your baby to have the best available).

DaniB+4 December 18th, 2012 03:12 PM

Re: I'm not sure I like my OBG....
During my last pregnancy I basically fired my OB at 24ish weeks along and transferred to a midwife practice. it was the best decision EVER. In my case, changing providers meant much more support for my natural VBAC birth plan and far less medical intervention during pregnancy which was what i really wanted. The only reason i am using an OB this time around is because I already know that I am having a repeat c/s so i am honestly not quite as gung-ho about needing a certain type of care. but i definitely think you should transfer if you are unhappy.

QueenCrafty December 18th, 2012 03:42 PM

Re: I'm not sure I like my OBG....
You should feel comfortable with your provider, whether OB or midwife. They work for you. I love the midwives I see, but I do like most of the OBs that are also in the practice. It wouldn't hurt to interview other practioners and maybe you'll find someone you like better

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