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ashleykathleen January 27th, 2013 06:02 PM

Naming Logic
We just did this in my son's PR and I thought it would be fun to do in here...

Why/how did you choose your children's names? Please include your older children and these babies if you have a name picked already. Lets show some of the FTM's that might not have names picked that inspiration really can come from anywhere!

Joanne Nicole January 27th, 2013 07:02 PM

Re: Naming Logic
With DD and now my little June sprout, we followed the same formula for naming. The first name is their own, and the middle name is a family name. Since our heritage is Irish/Scottish, we decided to go with names that were Celtic sounding. They both have fairly traditional names, but they will most likely be the only kids in their schools with those names. Even though we wanted our kids to have unique names, we didn't want them to be unheard of. Fiona Rosemary, and Finnegan Michael. Rosemary is DH's grandmother's name and Michael is my dad's name as well as DH's middle name.

navywifey2003 January 27th, 2013 07:17 PM

Re: Naming Logic
David James- David was my grandpas name. And he was an amazing man who we lost too soon. James- is my fathers first names and my husbands middle name.

Katelynn Mackenzie- Katelynn was our girl name with David. I wrote it out and spelt it many ways. I loved the combining of the Kate and Lynn. Mackenzie was another top first name choice but Kyle did care for it so I got it for a middle name.

Everett Michael Cole- was my husbands top pick when I was pregnant. Everett took a long time to grow on me. I didnt realize until he was born that it was so him. Michael was my uncles name who passed shortly before he was born and Cole was the middle name we orginally picked so we left it when we added Michael.

Payson Joy- I heard it on a show and loved it ever since. Joy was my grandmothers name.

pamela.burke611 January 27th, 2013 07:21 PM

Re: Naming Logic
I love unique names.. for my daughter I knew her name almost immediately.. just came to me and everyone loved it. I love fashion and anything Euro (I am half German and have lived there) so I named my daughter Chloe Chanel. For this baby I really wanted one of the names to reflect my German background since I chose a more fashion forward French style name for Chloe.. so for this baby if it's a boy, I am set on Logan Krischen (Krischen is the German form of Christian, meaning follower of God) and if it's a girl I love Shiloh Annika (no one really knows about this one because I really feel I am having a boy but we will see)... yep not too much logic other than I love unique and love euro names :)

phantomsgrl11 January 27th, 2013 07:21 PM

Re: Naming Logic
Family tradition states you have an M middle name, and we have a family history of naming kids after presidents so my kids will all have M president names.

Our First

James Dean Monroe is named after my great grandfather James Monroe, My grandfather Kenneth Monroe and my father Edward Monroe. Dean is my great grandmothers maiden name and all the first born are usually named Dean somewhere within their name.

We call him JD =)

This one will be either Contessa Madison or Jackson McKinley.

pamela.burke611 January 27th, 2013 07:24 PM

Re: Naming Logic

Originally Posted by phantomsgrl11 (Post 27022777)
Family tradition states you have an M middle name, and we have a family history of naming kids after presidents so my kids will all have M president names.

Our First

James Dean Monroe is named after my great grandfather James Monroe, My grandfather Kenneth Monroe and my father Edward Monroe. Dean is my great grandmothers maiden name and all the first born are usually named Dean somewhere within their name.

We call him JD =)

This one will be either Contessa Madison or Jackson McKinley.

This is a pretty interesting twist! My boyfriend's name is Julius Dean!

zkat January 27th, 2013 07:25 PM

Re: Naming Logic
My DH is a Chris and he hates that there are so many. My full name is Katrisha and I always loved being a one and only, so we knew we wanted original name, but I didn't them to be gossip fodder.

Bourne Micheal - Bourne is a variation of DH's great grandfather's last name and micheal is my Dad's middle name.

Bodhi Lander-pretty sure Chris watched Pointe Break a couple months ago and we both like it. Lander is my gandmother's maiden name.

Our girl name was Raiza Ruth or Helen -Raiza is Hebrew for Rose and Helen Ruth was my grandmother.

MrsLat January 27th, 2013 07:35 PM

Re: Naming Logic
My daughter's name is Jocelyn Olivia. Her dad picked the named Jocelyn on a road trip where we passed by a town called Joslin :) I always liked the name Olivia and we thought it sounded good.

My son's name is Gabriel Alex. The arcangel Gabriel is typically viewed as a messenger of God. I lost Jocelyn's twin and having another son I viewed as a message from God that I was meant to mother a son here on earth. (I know I know that is deep lol). Alex is his dad's name.

This one is going to be named Grayson Robert. Robert is Alex's grandfather who passed away on Thanksgiving. Alex picked the name Grayson.

So there ya go.. a town, religion, and then randomly :) You can find inspiration ANYWHERE lol

zkat January 27th, 2013 07:40 PM

Re: Naming Logic
Great idea, by the way. I am fascinated by naming methodologies! :)

edgeofelise January 27th, 2013 08:36 PM

Re: Naming Logic
I only like classic names. I do like them to have a pioneer-sounding twist, though. We knew we wanted something old-fashioned but not stuffy. Short, sweet, but not boring. I've always loved the name Eliza. Rose is my mom's middle name.

I fell in love with the name Henry years ago when I happened to read two books back-to-back with the main characters named Henry. It's the only boy name DH and I have ever agreed on, which is why we're completely stuck on middle names. I'm sure we'll land on one at some point. :)

ashleykathleen January 27th, 2013 11:04 PM

Re: Naming Logic
Jaleigh Kathleen- I went to high school with a girl named Jalie and she is the only one I've ever known. I always thought her name was so cool so I suggested it and it just happened to be the only one we could agree on. It is a family tradition on his side of the family to have the -leigh spelling (his mother is Martha Leigh and his sister is Leighann) so we changed the spelling. Kathleen is my middle name and my mother's first name.

Kiefer William- We literally fought tooth and nail for weeks and hated each others suggestions. DF came to bed late one night, woke me up and asked "what about Kiefer?" For some reason, we both instantly knew that was the one. It just clicked. We get asked all the time if he named after Kiefer Sutherland and the funny thing is we didn't even connect the two for several days after making our decision. William is after DF's grandfather who adopted and raised him but passed away before Kiefer was born.

This baby only has a middle name so far (I'm hoping for some "ah ha" moment like with Kiefer). Her middle name will be Ann after DF's grandmother who also adopted and raised him. She passed away in July and was an absolutely wonderful and inspiring woman.

SassySami January 28th, 2013 02:15 AM

Re: Naming Logic
Love this.. :)

Debra Anneliesa: Debra is the name of my mother, who passed away at 33 from breast cancer. Ann is my grandmas middle name, my aunts first name but my grandma does not like the name Ann. So I figured out some random way to spell it.

Kaydence Michelle: Kaydence, I heard in the movie American Pie The Wedding and I loved it. Michelle is for Joes dad Michael who passed away 1 month before she was born.

Nolan Joesph Trimble: Nolan well we are huge huge baseball fans, and Nolan Ryan is amazing ball player. Joesph, yes spelled that way is a tradtion in Joes family. All the first boys have Joesph somewhere in their name. Trimble was my grandma who raised me but passed away maiden name. :)

Baby #4...
middle name Marie , after my sister
Middle name Matthew, after my brother in law

KellBell2621 January 28th, 2013 05:35 AM

Re: Naming Logic
DS name is Eli Jameson...we picked his middle name first, my dh middle name is james and his dad's name was jim so we found it fitting. the name eli didn't come to me until 2 weeks before i gave birth..we had been going back and forth with names for months...we were Christmas shopping at kohl's and i was looking at the ornaments with kids names on it and i saw eli and i just knew it.

momneedscoffee13 January 28th, 2013 05:59 AM

Re: Naming Logic
With Connor, DH and I had SUCH a hard time agreeing on a boys name. I wanted something a little different (not the top 10) and he likes more traditional. So we basically went through baby name book after baby name book and would veto and make "maybe" lists. We eventually shortened the list to a few names. I think with Connor we also had Brendan, Colton, and Christopher. Connor was one of the few that we both liked and agreed on! lol

We use family names for the middle name so that was easy. Connor's middle name is one that runs in both my and DH's family. It's also DH's middle name, my Dad's and brother's middle name.

For a girl name, I always knew I wanted to use Peyton as the girl name. I saw that it kept getting more and more popular, which kind of annoyed me because I didn't want a really popular name lol, but I wouldn't budge from my decision. I was lucky that DH was on board from the beginning and likes it as well! Really, I was hoping for another boy, so it wouldn't have been an issue anyway! Now we're stuck on finding a middle name for her!

Karen78 January 28th, 2013 06:05 AM

Re: Naming Logic
Calvin Kenneth: my husband is a big presidential/history nerd and he loves Calvin Coolidge. At first I immediately turned the name down cuz I was picturing an old man. But then I thought of Calvin and Hobbes and thought it could fit a kid. After 2 weeks I loved the name. My dad and my FIL are both named Kenneth, so that was a no brainer for the middle name. No one gets their feelings hurt! :)

This baby will most likely be Conrad Jerry: We wanted to stay with a C or K name, but everything I saw was really popular or I just didn't like. Then I thought of a past coworker of mine that has an older son named Conrad. I hadn't even considered it, but when I thought of it I realized it was kinda cool and not very common. Plus it sounds good with our last name. Jerry is my husband's middle name.

morgankaedenmadisonsmommy January 28th, 2013 07:17 AM

Re: Naming Logic
Our oldest is James Morgan. I absolutely loved the name Morgan for a boy and just had to use it. And we couldn't find another name we liked as much as James, it just fit perfect so we used it and after we chose it we realized it's DH's grandfathers first name and my grandfathers first name so that was really neat and makes his name more special to us.

Our second is Kaeden Houston. DH and FIL's middle name is Houston so I knew I wanted to use it again and my middle name is Kay so he's named after me and DH.

Our third is Madison Leanne. The name that me, DH and our kids go by all end in N so we wanted to use another name ending with N and Madison was the only name I liked and me and DH weren't fond of it when I first suggested it but within a week we couldn't imagine naming our little princess anything else. Leanne is a name we picked when we first started talking about having kids and Lee is also SIL's middle name and Ann was my late aunts middle name and is special to me.

This baby will be Gracelyn Geniva Mae. Again we wanted to use a name ending in N and Madison actually chose Gracelyn and I just love the name. Geniva is MIL's first name and Mae is my mom's middle name so she'll be names by her big sister and after her grandma's.

beatlechicksteph January 28th, 2013 08:50 AM

Re: Naming Logic
Arthur Phineas - Arthur was my grandfather's name. He and I were really close, and it was really hard for me when he passed away in Dec. 07, just a few months before my wedding. I really wanted to give a tribute to him. Plus, DH LOVES Arthurian legend, so we both win! Phineas, because we both REALLY love the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. Plus, it's a tradition on DH's side of the family to give sons Irish names. And neither of the names were in the top 100 names of 2012, which was really important.

Runner up boy name, that got HORRIBLY vetoed by DH? Peregrin. I would have called him Pippen. Peregrin was the name of the first English baby boy born in America. DH firmly said NO, because it's also the name of a Hobbit in Lord of the Rings.

Madison.Hailey.Zack January 28th, 2013 08:59 AM

Re: Naming Logic
Madison came about after watching a vh1 show about celebraties naming their kids after the city they were conceived in. Well she was conceived in Madison Heights so Madison stuck :D Middle name came about after I was trying to think of what sounded good with Madison if I was yelling for or at her :D

Hailey DH picked and I loved. Elvyrose came about because Elvy was my favorite grandma's middle name that had passed the year before. DH didn't like it on its own so added Rose which is also his moms name. So it became Elvyrose.

This baby, DH likes Zack so we chose Zachary. His middle name will be Michael which is DH's first name. We were going threw girl names and it was a toss up between Chloe and Bethany but he let me chose and I love Chloe. We needed a middle name that starts with E since both our girls have E middle names just like DH. So we came up with Evelyn. The boy will have a M middle name like I have.

4hearts January 28th, 2013 11:47 AM

Re: Naming Logic

Originally Posted by Madison.N.Hailey'sMom (Post 27024598)
Madison came about after watching a vh1 show about celebraties naming their kids after the city they were conceived in. Well she was conceived in Madison Heights so Madison stuck :D Middle name came about after I was trying to think of what sounded good with Madison if I was yelling for or at her :D

This just inspired me to like the mn "Juniper" bc that's the little area we live in and this baby and none of our others were conceived here. Also this baby would be born in June. I got one of those feelings when I said it. I hope DH is onboard.

4hearts January 28th, 2013 01:39 PM

Re: Naming Logic
*I'm going to omit DD1's first name for personal reasons. But I will say that it's a virtue. DH was in love with it and it grew on me. We actually decided not to give our children mn's at that time bc a former boss of mine did that will his kids and let them pick their own when they were old enough to not pick something dumb. They picked nice, sensible names. When DD1 was about 6 months old, I let her hold some seed packets (closed of course). She would sit there and flip through them and always was so mesmerized by the "Zinnia" packet. It just seemed so HER and went well with her first name so we went ahead and kept it. However, we never paid to get her birth certificate changed. Guess we will one day.

*For DS, we TTC'd him for a yr and didn't have any luck. We both wanted a boy soo bad. Suddenly, tragedy struck and DH's lil bro died at the age of 18. His only sibling. So when we got pg only 2 weeks after BIL's death, we decided that we would use his name. "Joseph". His mn "Theodore" was a random sporadic idea DH got when he heard the name while we were watching the Cosby show a lot while I was pg. :lol: But now DH regrets not making his mn Raymond after his gpa and his own mn. I still like Theodore though.

*DD2 is named "Heidi" bc DH is on love with the character in the book so much bc she's so genuinely sweet. And we decided to stay with the flower mn trend from DD1. Yes, we completely abandoned the "pick your own mn" project. So we decided on "Camellia".

*This one is either Ezekiel Raymond or Emmaline Juniper.
Ezekiel is the first name we ever agreed upon before we ever had kids. It would have been DS's name had BIL not died. I really love it still and we are using the Raymond for DH's gpa.
Emmaline is something DH randomly came up with the other day. I've warmed up to it now. He likes how old fashioned it sounds. That's kinda our "thing". We just decided on Juniper for the mn this afternoon thanks to this thread and "Madison.N.Hailey'sMom (Angie)" So THANKS! :) Basically, I got to thinking about how the city we live in isnt a name I would like but the area we live in is called Juniper and then I thought about the "June" in Juniper and how it goes with flower mn's even though it's a berry bush. And I instantly had this warm feeling come over me when I said Emmaline Juniper out loud. I immediately called DH and he agreed to it right away. So, YAY! Feels so good to have that settled and right before my 20 week mark tomorrow.

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