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MarylandMama March 17th, 2013 07:49 PM

UGH, ****** Delta!!!! (Total Rant!)
DH had to go to Montreal for a business trip this weekend to teach a class. He had to fly from here to Atlanta to Montreal late Thursday night. They left his luggage in Atlanta and he didn't get it until Friday evening, after he had taught his class in the clothes he had worn to travel. Today, he got to the airport on time, but the plane left way late to wait on other passengers who got there late and were still in customs. In Atlanta, he ran through 3 terminals only to have the gate to his flight (the last one home for the day) shut in his face. They told him he could try to make it on another flight going to another area airport (that is actually over an hour from our house) so he ran through the airport again to try to make that flight. Again, they were closing the gate when he got there. Again, last flight of the day. Again, he has no luggage. They "compensate" him by putting him in a hotel for the night. That is so not any kind of compensation. He won't be able to fly back until morning. He won't get here until 10:30 at the absolute earliest.

I called the airline and the first person I talked to was pretty nice, but could't do anything. The supervisor got on the phone and was a complete b****. She told me she wouldn't speak to me about it, "We don't deal with third parties." I generally have a pretty clean mouth, VERY seldom curse, but I totally cussed her out.

The worst part is, while I was on hold waiting for the supervisor, I looked at the calendar and was reminded we have the ultrasound tomorrow at 8am to make sure that the baby's choreoplexis cyst that they found on her brain at the 20 week ultrasound is gone. And he won't be there with me. He will also be missing important meetings at work, but the ultrasound is really killing me. I called my parents and my dad is going to come over so that I don't have to drag DD out of bed that early and have her ready to go by myself. The u/s is at my mom's hospital, so she will meet me there and go with me, but I really want DH to be there with me and he will be in the air. I can't even call him while I'm in there. I am so angry. All stupid Delta had to do is call the gate for his connection and ask them to hold the plane for 5 minutes and he would have made it. They really should have done that since it was their call to leave Montreal late in the first place to wait on the other passengers who didn't get to the airport in time.

I HATE DELTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

navywifey2003 March 17th, 2013 07:53 PM

Re: UGH, ****** Delta!!!! (Total Rant!)
Oh wow. I can't believe they held the plan. I have never heard of them holding the plane for passengers who checked in late. Hugs Hun!

Kim3 March 18th, 2013 04:26 AM

Re: UGH, ****** Delta!!!! (Total Rant!)
Sending you prayers for a very healthy ultrasound. Hopefully you can call your DH the minute he gets off of the plan to give him great news.

sunnydaze March 18th, 2013 04:59 AM

Re: UGH, ****** Delta!!!! (Total Rant!)
You would think, for as much as they charge, they would have their act together.

crawmommy March 18th, 2013 05:53 AM

Re: UGH, ****** Delta!!!! (Total Rant!)
sounds like Atlanta! I have herd nothing but horror stories from that airport! I really hope your u/s goes well. Will be thinking of you. KUP!

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