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MamaSkunk March 22nd, 2013 01:25 PM

Oh Mr Sandman....
I need sleep. So badly I am exhausted but I cant sleep. Either I cant get comfortable or my brain just wont shut off. Ive used every trick I can think of to try to sleep and nothing seems to work. And then when I fall asleep then it seems like DD wakes me up as shes been waking up insanely early. I havent slept more than 3 hours a night in over a week and I certainly havent gotten any REM sleep. Its often just me closing my eyes and laying there as my mind goes a thousand miles an hour.
And then my DH has been complaining about being tired lately. Hes sleeping 8 hours a night...and he comes home from work...a office job...and falls asleep on the couch while I cook dinner. Then after dinner while I am bathing DD and getting her ready for bed he again dozes off on the couch. He hasnt done any of his usual chores...like feeding the dogs or taking out the trash. Giving me more to do. And today he called in to work. Just so he could sleep. So when DD woke at 7 it was still me that got up with her. Then he laid on the couch so i thought i could snag a nap....nope he and DD came into the bed 20 minutes after i went in there. So i went out with DD to the playroom and he slept til almost 11. And now hes napping again. I wanna smack him. And i wanna cry. I want to sleep soooo bad. Anyone else having sleep problems?

Kalynas_Mom March 22nd, 2013 01:31 PM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
Same thing here. I'm used to not sleeping, but it seems to be a lot easier to handle when there's a reason. Lately though DD and DH sleep just fine and i'm up every 30 mins all night long. Can't get comfortable and can't stay asleep. It's brutal. My eyes burn all day long. Get your DH to take your DD out one afternoon and let you take a nice long relaxing nap!

MissyBee March 22nd, 2013 06:58 PM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
I hope you can sleep soon! I'm in the same boat. Completely exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open, yet when I get in the bed I can't fall asleep. And I wake up after 2-3 hours and have a hard time getting back to sleep, if I even can. This happens at night or I if I try to nap. I just lay there & can't sleep. I'm so over it!!

MamaSkunk March 22nd, 2013 08:27 PM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
Missy I do the same thing...and then when i actually fall asleep then all too soon my daughter is at my bedside waking me up lol

MissyBee March 22nd, 2013 10:58 PM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
I am laying in bed, wide awake, yet COMPLETELY exhausted. This is RIDICULOUS! Geez. I was about to post this on Facebook, but I'm trying not to be overly whiny on there/posting about being pregnant all the time. Haha.

"I like how people tell me to "rest while I can!" Because all I want to do is sleep. I'm completely and totally exhausted all the time. I can barely keep my eyes open. Yet, I cannot sleep. No matter how hard I try. I'm not sure if it's the heartburn or the ligament pain or the joint aches or the leg cramps or the fact that I feel like my lungs are functioning at 5% of their capacity or something else, but this is dumb. And please don't tell me that it's just "God's/nature's/my body's way of preparing me for the lack of sleep when the baby is here," because I don't buy that. I'm SO TIRED and there is no baby here yet, so I should be able to freakin' sleep!!!!"

That is how I feel though. I feel like my body should know what's coming and let me sleep as much as I want! Instead of making me even more miserable and worn out. Blahhhh.

TeresaV March 23rd, 2013 06:54 AM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
I haven't been sleeping well either. My lower back is so achy at night that every time I roll over it hurts. I'm also getting RLP every time I move at night. To top it off, I got my tDap shot yesterday, so now I have a sore arm too. I've been having sleeping problems for a few months already. It sucks, because I have never had problems sleeping. DH gets up for work around 4am and more often than not, I can't fall back asleep.

And I'm so sick of the "it's your body getting ready for the baby" line. Yes, that's fine, but it's more frustrating to not be able to sleep for no reason.

MamaSkunk March 23rd, 2013 07:46 AM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
So I finally fell asleep last night at a reasonablish hour...1 am....which meant I woulda got 6 whole hours of sleep before DD woke up. Yeaaaaah.....3:20 am I wake up to..."Mommy!" And my DD standing beside me. Ugh. Picked her up and snuggled her....thought about letting her sleep with me...decided against it after her other recent 4 am bedside stint where i let her stay she fell asleep and kicked and elbowed me in the head all night....I knew better. So there I was 3:30 am trying to get her back in her bed and asleep. She was back up at 7 am like clockwork.

PurpleStar March 23rd, 2013 01:11 PM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....
Add me to this bandwagon =( Just started this week...so freakin' exhausted, fall into bed and then its a battle to fall asleep. My struggle is finding a comfortable position and my sciatic nerve on the left side has started acting up as well...but once i can find a spot I knock out. Although I have fought insomnia this pregnancy, so in addition sometimes I wake up for no reason - not even to pee, and will just stay up and right when I feel like falling asleep again I have to either wake up for work or DS is up on the weekend early. I have never seen such bad dark circles under my eyes EVER! Not even when I was a FTM!!

Brie289 March 23rd, 2013 04:07 PM

Re: Oh Mr Sandman....

Originally Posted by MissyBee (Post 27221579)
I hope you can sleep soon! I'm in the same boat. Completely exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open, yet when I get in the bed I can't fall asleep. And I wake up after 2-3 hours and have a hard time getting back to sleep, if I even can. This happens at night or I if I try to nap. I just lay there & can't sleep. I'm so over it!!

This exactly for me. I can barely keep my eyes open at 7:30 so I'm in bed at 8 as soon as my son is asleep. DH works 2nd and me 1st so it's just me at night so zero chance to lay down if I wanted to. But I'm always up at midnight and the rest of the night is me just laying in bed trying to sleep. Last night I started to doze off at 4 am and then DS woke up which he never does but he has a cold right now and all stuffed up. DH tried but my son only wants me when he's not feeling well or wakes up in the middle of the night. I always tell hubby the second child is all his lol :p.

DS did go back to sleep quickly, I snuggled him and went to get him water and he was asleep by the time I got back to his room. But I was up for good at that point. :rolleyes:

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