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JessKeller24 April 30th, 2013 06:41 AM

Hospital policys
What are some of your hospital policy's that first time moms may not think about? (That way they can ask and be prepared).

One of mine is csection moms can only have the baby in her room if someone is in the too with her for the first 24 hrs.

Also does your hospital provide everything you need?

Min. Provides pads which are huge so I'll take some of my own too. They also provide diapers but they are size 1 so I'll take some newborn ones of my own too. They do NOT provide baby wipes (have guaze you need to wet though) and they do to provide any toiletries, except toilet paper, which is the crappy hospital brand, so I take my own of that too.

Anchored April 30th, 2013 07:03 AM

Re: Hospital policys
Hmm good question!

I had no restrictions that I can think of, especially not post-delivery.

Chase's HR was dropping and I had to be hooked up to monitors at all times for him so I wasn't allowed to walk the hallway during labor. I wasn't even supposed to be allowed out of bed but they did let me sit up in the recliner for a bit. I would say that if you have an issue like this during labor, don't be surprised if you're not allowed to move around freely. I think, too, that had to do with having Cervadil placed too (but that was a few hours later).

During labor wasn't allowed to eat and that sucked so badly! I got to the hospital at 5am on 6/8 and didn't have Chase until 2am on 6/9 (and I woke right up and went to L&D, so I hadn't actually eaten since the evening of 6/7)! I wasn't even in active labor for MOST of that time, but still wasn't allowed to eat. I was given a popsicle around 7pm and then crackers and juice around 3am. :( Probably the worst experience of labor! lol
This time I am packing snacks! Not for labor, I won't ignore doctor's orders- but just in case I give birth when the hospital cafeteria is closed so I can have more than just crackers. lol

In terms of what the hospital supplied:
Pads for me (I actually really loved the gigantic pads, it was much less messy!)
Disposable mesh underwear (also a huge lifesaver- I plan to stock up on these before birth too)
Numbing spray for down yonder (LIFESAVER! Also buying this in BULK!)
Travel sized toiletries

Diapers (newborn sized with the little arch cut out to not irritate the umbilical cord)
Receiving blankets
Onesies (either onesies or white t-shirts, I can't remember which it was)

I'll bring my own toiletries, onesies/hats/mittens for the baby. Don't think I'll bring my pads or

HollyNE2 April 30th, 2013 09:34 AM

Re: Hospital policys
I delivered my last son at a hospital in California wherein was living at the time. I am back in Michigan now and I am delivering this baby at a different hospital than I delivered my first two boys at, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. I bring my own toiletries anyway, and I will probably bring my own pads because I hate the ones the hospital provides. They are so big and bulky that it feels like I am wearing a diaper.

BabyT_heart_beat April 30th, 2013 10:26 AM

Re: Hospital policys
Well I Had No Idea..... So I Plan On Asking When We Take Our Hospital Tour. I Will Most Definitely Bring My Own Toiletries...

UrbanMomma April 30th, 2013 10:29 AM

Re: Hospital policys
HollyNE2, UofM is good for provisions, so is Henry Ford West Bloomfield. Providence sucks, so does Garden City Hospital. Those are all I know of. :) I have no idea where you are in MI but I am in Wayne County and know about some of the local hospitals.

I never go to the hospital until I am ready to push, and leave ASAP so I don't worry about what they have. We even order food and dh will pick it up if the hospital food is nasty. I almost always take all my own stuff.

Jessmom April 30th, 2013 10:30 AM

Re: Hospital policys
Ya I will find out what I need at my hospital for also. I am booked for mid June. Getting excited. It's really coming up fast!!

At my tour. Lol

DeletedUser12345 April 30th, 2013 11:08 AM

Re: Hospital policys
Im glad there are tips here. Its good to keep in mind. At the end of May I'm doing a weekend of childbirth prep classes at my hospital so I am sure they will answer a lot then.

cameronzmom April 30th, 2013 11:20 AM

Re: Hospital policys
I'm delivering at a completely different hospital from where I delivered my daughter so I'm not 100% on what they provide for after delivery.

Things I know for sure I'll take include newborn diapers, my own heavy duty pads, flip flops (cant stand socks) and a large dark colored towel bc white hospital towels arent' pretty to use after delivery... LOL!

alittlelost April 30th, 2013 11:58 AM

Re: Hospital policys
In the hospitals here you...

-Can't birth anywhere other than the hospital bed. (They will even drug you without your consent to move you to the bed if you fight them about moving--this happened to a friend of mine).

-Can't eat during labor.

-MUST have an IV. They say you can get a waiver, but they won't actually give you one to sign, they just keep harassing you until you agree to get the IV.

-The shampoo/conditioner they provide is awful, so bring your own.

-They provided everything for baby: formula if you are formula feeding, diapers, wipes, etc.

-They provide post-partum pads for mama.

-Baby can sleep i the room with you, they will even allow baby to co-sleep in the hospital bed with you.

-They completely ignore your birth plan, if they even read it at all. (which actually worries me about them maybe vaccinating my child without asking.)

FYI, I had a hospital tour with both my hospital births (2 different hospitals, both "top" hospitals in my tri-state area) and they just LIED OUT THEIR ARSES at the hospital tours. Of course, I didn't know this until it was too late. That said, if I liked being given pitocin to speed things up for the hell of it and getting epidurals and delivering on a bed on my back, etc, then I would have LOVED the hospitals I delivered at. But for my natural, limited intervention birth preferences, I know I need to stay far far away from a hospital or if I go to have a doula at my side the entire time and labor at home as much as possible first.

Babsbabies April 30th, 2013 09:23 PM

Re: Hospital policys
This is my third delivery in a third different city/state, so this hospital is new to me. But, I just had two friends deliver at the same place in the last two weeks, so they have told me a few things including to bring your own hairdryer and that the towells are really thin and tiny. Each hospital I've been at has provided some assortment of personal care products for mom - all have had the mesh undies which I love, giant pads which I hate, peri bottles, tucks, basic toilotries. I know this hospital doesn't provide dermoplast which I really like, so I'll bring my own.

Strange that so many hospitals only provide size 1 diapers, or no wipes! I have big babies, and even they would be swimming in size 1 for the first week or so. I've never thought about bringing diapers, and usually count on bringing at least one or two packs home from the hospital.

If you are interested in a natural birth, I'd be really clear on what your hospital will or won't allow. And confirm with other moms who have delivered there - I've heard plenty of stories where something may be "allowed" but it's like swimming up stream to actually get it to happen. Things like, will they allow you to labor without an IV? Do they require continuous monitoring, or can you just get a check periodically? Can you labor/birth in positions other than in bed? What specifically do they do with the baby right after birth and in the first hour or two?

I'm excited about a lot of the policies at the hospital I'm delivering at, but I just found out that if you arrive between 10 pm and 6 am, you have to go to L&D triage through the ER. I hear that this usually is pretty quick and it's just to keep the hospital secure, but I've also heard some stories of it taking an hour to get through the ER which would not be fun in the midst of labor! And to get into the ER, you have to have your bags checked and go through a metal detector at security (it's a major trauma center in a decent sized city). I can't really change those things, but I'm really hoping to avoid arriving at midnight on a Saturday night and I'm glad to know in advance so I'm not surprised when I arrive.

Bookreader May 1st, 2013 08:08 AM

Re: Hospital policys
At our hospitals they provide AWESOME nursing classes and lactation specialists from 8-5 to help new moms work on breastfeeding. I didn't take full advantage of this with DS, but I plan to use them much more this time around!
Our hospital also won't allow you to eat once you've been admitted. I made sure to eat before we went to the hospital.
Our hospital provides everything for baby. The nurses told me (multiple times. Lol) that every time they wheeled DS in, I should take everything made of paper (diapers, wipes, changing pads, etc), and they would restock it the next time they came in. I didn't know that, but this time I'll take an empty bag with me to the hospital just to take home "free" crap.
My hospital uses newborn diapers. They fit just fine.

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