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alittlelost April 30th, 2013 11:37 AM

Midwife appointment (4/30)
Today was my last "4 week appointment". I go again in 3 weeks, and then after that it's every 2 weeks.

I met the last of my midwives, too. She was also great. So yeah, I love all my midwives :)

We talked about...

-If I wanted to use the birth center or birth at home. I have to decide by my next appointment. I sorta want to birth at home, BUT I'm anxious about my house being in order for the birth. Also my husband will be adamantly against it and we'd have to pay to rent the birthing tub (we'd get some money back, though) but all in all I think it might be less stressful to use the birth center. I need to make a final decision soon, though.

-My weight. I'm gaining too fast. 9 lbs in one month. Yeah... so basically she suggested I try leaning towards the gestational diabetes diet, even though we don't know if I have that or not. (I was tested today. The glucose drink really wasn't THAT bad.)

-My emergency back up plan. Basically, I have to meet their "back up" doctor and pick a hospital close to my planned birthing location (preferably one with a low c-section rate. for example, if I birth at home, the closest hospital has a high c-section rate, so it would be better if I went to the one that is 10 minutes away instead of 2 minutes away). This perhaps is another good reason to use the birth center... She doesn't think I'll have to worry about any of this anyway, but they like to have a plan in place. If I DO have to go to the hospital for any reason, my midwife will go with me, and I definitely feel better about that than I would about going to a hospital without them. Also, I need to make it to 37 weeks, or close. 37-38 weeks is apparently ideal for me because of how big my babies are early on. If I make it to 40+, we're guessing the baby could be 9-11 lbs. So yeah...

So my next appointment hopefully there will be less weight gain and we'll tie up my plans re: birth center vs homebirth and arrange to meet their back up doctor. In the meantime, I'm evaluating my diet and I'm going to try to eat better, but this is the worst day to start because it seems like today I'm SO hungry.

Kayla_7602 April 30th, 2013 12:04 PM

Re: Midwife appointment (4/30)
I cant believe we are getting so close to every 2 week appointments! Im glad you had a good appointment, and hopefully the GD diet will help with the weight gain! I am having problems gaining faster then I should also and it is frustrating! That is awesome that she will go with you if you have to be moved to a hospital because of complications :)

kjm April 30th, 2013 04:46 PM

Re: Midwife appointment (4/30)
Sounds great! I also can't believe we are down to 2 week appointments!!

I would love to birth at home but I think it would be more stressful because I would worry about whatever is not clean or in order, I'm too OCD for that.

I'm hoping I haven't gained too much.. I feel like I have this past month, and I'm hungry allll the time

Ray88 April 30th, 2013 09:08 PM

Re: Midwife appointment (4/30)
Glad your appt went well. And time is passing so fast. Soon it will be one week appts. :)

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