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cooper1414 May 18th, 2013 01:16 PM

A little tired of stupid people
So I don't know if it is the hormones or if I am just around stipid people lately, but it's driving me nuts. Yesterday I was in Sears looking for maternity clothes. They moved them upstairs next to the children's clothes. I pick a few things and go to the dressing room. I have my son in his stroller with me and cant' get into the dressing room because they have this step thing on wheels plus the return item rack in front of the door. I start to roll it out of the way and the sales lady comes running over like I am wrecking the whole place and insists that it must stay right where it is. I tell her I can't get my stroller through the door and need to move it. She refuses... I tell her seriously, that pregnant people and people with children are the only ones up there and they don't have it set up to get a stroller through? So you have to lift your stroller WHILE you are pregnant?

Then I go in Walmart today. They have these chocolate covered granola bars in one of the sample things. The boys run up to it and the lady tells them they have to have their parent's permission. I am standing there and say it's fine, so DS2 takes one. She makes some face and says something about it, like she is frustrated that he took it. I told her, he's 7, he wants a sample and I said it was fine. She said they are protein bars and not for children. Well what do you think kids are thinking when they see chocolate and free samples??? I am sure a bite of it won't hurt them anyway and besides, I am the parent.

Then I go to check out and the lady puts the cat food next to my kids' food in the bag. I told her she should place cat food or cleaning products in with food. She just looks at me. Seriously, that is gross. Then she is too lazy to move the litter off the belt. So after I paid, I ask my oldest to grab the litter. Then she said that she forgot to ring up the icing because it was behind the litter. Well lazy butt, if you had moved it like you should have you would have seen it. So then she has to ring that up separately. Grrr.

mama2ladybugs May 18th, 2013 01:45 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
Lol im sorry but that made me laugh. I wouldve kicked a lot of peoples ***** had that happened to me.

jennyrae03 May 18th, 2013 03:26 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
I get frustrated with stupid people all the time...even pre-pregnancy! lol

I always get mad when I go to Walmart (I buy all my groceries there). I'm a little OCD and like to have my items bagged a certain way. So I make sure to put them on the belt, exactly as I wish for them to be bagged, and I even leave spaces in between each separate grouping. You would not believe how many times the checkers will start grabbing items from halfway down the belt and putting them in random sacks. HELLOOOOOOOO! I grouped them together for a reason, dumb-dumb!

Iluvmybabies* May 18th, 2013 04:23 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
Oh man all that would have had me MAD grrrrr so frustrating!!!!!!

soul_donut May 18th, 2013 05:00 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
Not your hormones.. just dumb people!!! Good for you for not karate chopping everyone involved (though they could probably use a chop for being bobos)

Fortroseberry May 18th, 2013 05:02 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
Good job holding back! Lol

cooper1414 May 18th, 2013 05:41 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
I don't exactly hold back. I mean I don't go crazy on them or anything, but I do tell them what I think. LOL I told the lady at Sears that pregnant women trying on maternity clothes should not be lifting a stroller with a toddler in it over some crap that could easily go somewhere else, um perhaps the nearby mattress section? I told her she should really let her management know as it's not safe to lift heavy things while pregnant, and who else is going to shop in that part of the store other than pregnant people?

Then I told the first lady at Walmart that as the mother of the child that took the very small sample bite of what looks like to him a chocolate covered granola bar, I am sure it is safe for him. I also asked that if it's not safe why is she putting it out on a platter to tempt everyong that walks by? I mean, it isn't alcohol or anything. Plus, I AM THE MOTHER AND I SAID HE COULD HAVE IT! LOL

Then the cashier I told her that she should really learn how to bag groceries, since that is her job. I said it isn't safe nor sanitary to put pet food/supplies or cleaning supplies in the same bag as ones food. People can get sick and it's gross. When she told me fine, you can put it in whatever back you want, I replied that I was just trying to educate her since it's her job and would probably be beneficial for her future customers.


QL1516 May 18th, 2013 11:52 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
My patience had definitely shortened the further I get. I think the stupidness has always been there, I'm just less inclined to smile and nod. Ill say something abou about anything now. Oh, what KFC with no mashed potatoes? Or anyone else messing with my food? And drivers. And ... Just so many people. Hopefully the violent imagery in my head is ok for the babe. ;)

Seasaidh May 19th, 2013 04:21 AM

Re: A little tired of stupid people

Originally Posted by QL1516 (Post 27375169)
Hopefully the violent imagery in my head is ok for the babe. ;)

This could go either way (I know you were joking sorta, but this is important!):

Stress is bad for you and baby. If the imagery is causing you to get more upset (like if you're giving yourself an adrenaline rush by thinking about it more than you need to in order to deal with the situation at hand) then yeah; it's not super-great. Perhaps a distraction of some kind would be more helpful.

If the imagery is giving you a release of some kind and letting you be less-upset sooner, then go nuts and let your imagination run wild. :D

Basically the shortest path to being calm and collected is the one you wanna pick.

That said, it's pretty natural to have a short fuse during pregnancy. Unless you're some kind of zen master, you're going to feel like momzilla rather often, and probably the occasional imbecile is going to annoy you quite a bit more than usual.

chachartier May 20th, 2013 02:24 PM

Re: A little tired of stupid people
LOL I feel like I am around stupid people a lot. My tolerance has gone up a lot working in the field I work in, though haha. Some things I still don't tolerate well are other people telling me what is/isn't good for my child. "Excuse me, Dr. Walmart-worker, I didn't know you were an expert in nutrition for children." The Sears lady is ridiculous and I would have asked to speak to her manager right there... no way a store manager would have a pregnant woman lifting things over their store's crap. Same with the Wal-Mart cashier, although I know from experience working there as a teenager that they aren't treated that well, nor paid enough to listen to customers criticize whether or not they lift something or bag things correctly hahaha.

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