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Jessmom June 11th, 2013 07:35 PM

Feeling down.
I can't seem to shake this mood I am in. I feel so down and out. I know it's hormones making me crazy but I feel so sad. We aren't ready for this baby. We haven't done anything. My kids are so full of attitude and so lazy. I am too tired to deal with their crap. I can't sleep at night and naps are not possible as I can't unwind.

I am scared that I might get pp again. I have had it twice out of three births.

Sorry. Just needed to share this without being judged. Hopefully this will pass.

DeletedUser12345 June 11th, 2013 07:41 PM

Re: Feeling down.
I am so sorry you are going through that. Vent away.. Definitely dont be ashamed. Your body chemicals are doing crazy things to you.. Just make sure when baby is here that you reach out for help if needed. Definitely no shame in it. It is pretty common! I hope you can un wind, de stress, and can get out of this. Being sad is no fun. :(

Jessmom June 11th, 2013 07:49 PM

Re: Feeling down.
Thanks. It sure doesn't help having 2 teenage daughters. They are so tough to deal with at times. Of course if I am not 100% then that's when they act out. I just wanna lock myself in my room for a week.

DeletedUser12345 June 11th, 2013 07:52 PM

Re: Feeling down.
ouch! Teen years! I cannot even think of that being a first time mom.. Too bad they arent being more helpful and just stressing you out when you arent 100%.

Jessmom June 11th, 2013 07:59 PM

Re: Feeling down.
Teen years are tough. My son is still human he just turned 13.

DeletedUser12345 June 11th, 2013 08:02 PM

Re: Feeling down.
Still human.. lol.. well, kids will be kids.. but it would be nice if they could sense you need a day in bed and pampering and do it.. but I do hope you can de-stress some. Maybe movies coming out you want to see? You could bring the kids even and not worry about them because they should know to be quiet there. :P

lucyinthesky88 June 11th, 2013 08:14 PM

Re: Feeling down.
Sorry you're feeling down :( I can relate... I've felt a little sad and out of sorts too. Sometimes I will burst out into tears for no reason. I hate not feeling like myself but like you said, crazy pregnancy hormones. Just want you to know you're not alone... and we have the same due date. How about that? :)

Colliekat June 11th, 2013 08:22 PM

Re: Feeling down.
You aren't alone. My 4 yr old has all the attitude that I can take these days. I have zero patience and when I get onto her for arguing with me, I feel horrid! I was laid off in April and have been so down about not having a job, because we planned this little girl thinking we both had secure jobs and good income. It's been such a hard lot of months, but a tornado survivor recently said "after the storm, comes a rainbow" and that is so true.

mirdeemrlvs June 11th, 2013 08:33 PM

Re: Feeling down.
I can totally relate! I have three girls at home, 14, 8, and 4 and they all have different attitudes and yes my teenager is lazy. I come to expect it as her brother was that way too at this age. I know she resents the extra responsibility she has since I've been pregnant and she doesn't want to do anything to help out and dh is not much help either. There are many things I need help with that DONT get done no matter what I say to dh. Like cleaning the bathtub, my car and washing the dog to name a few.

I only feel better about prepping for the baby because finally this past weekend dh moved the rooms so baby has a room, but it's nowhere close to being ready.


mamalamb June 11th, 2013 09:46 PM

Re: Feeling down.
(((((hugs))))) I'm sorry. I can relate, I had PPD with DD1 and then horrible anxiety issues after DD2. I'm fine now but pretty sure that THIS time around I am going to go ahead and just start on Zoloft or something right when he is born and hopefully bypass all that crap LOL. We are all here if you need to talk!!!

yvee80 June 12th, 2013 12:06 AM

Re: Feeling down.
I'm on and off going through the same thing so I sympathize with you :(!

Jen71 June 12th, 2013 04:50 AM

Re: Feeling down.
I don't have teenagers, but I can sure relate with the rest of it. I'm over stressed and haven't done a thing to get ready for this baby. The thing that makes it harder and more stressful is that we can't afford to get anything for the baby and no one is throwing a baby shower. I had PPD with both my kids, and i feel depression creeping in already. I've talked with my doctor about it and she's recommending I work with a therapist now to get a plan in place. I think I'm going to.

Hang in there!!

Fins June 12th, 2013 07:18 AM

Re: Feeling down.
I'm so scared of PPD but I have to remind myself to take every day at a time. We're always here to vent and talk to!

UrbanMomma June 12th, 2013 07:43 AM

Re: Feeling down.
Ah, teenagers are sooo much fun. I have three and two pre-teens. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Babsbabies June 12th, 2013 11:33 AM

Re: Feeling down.
I'm sorry you are down, but I can relate. Not the the teenagers part as mine are still little, but I have a short fuze with them and I feel like their attitudes and behaviors are changing in response to the stress in our life.

We're moving out of state at 38 weeks which will take us away from a parent with a terminal illness. Due to that and several other things, I've been dealing with insomnia this entire pregnancy. The occassional night that I get a little more sleep than normal, I can just tell how much it changes my outlook and ability to respond well to my children. I've never had PPD, but I've certainly had some baby blues. Based on where I am already, we are seriously considering starting zoloft as soon as baby is born. I talked it through with my midwife, and I basically have almost every risk factor for PPD and I want to be sure I can care for myself and my family. And I know we'll be pretty isolated for a while between the move and baby. I need to get some recommendations for a counselor as well. I know when I actually have a newborn, I'm not likely to take the time to take care of myself (or find the resources to do so), so I want to have a plan in place already.

JessKeller24 June 12th, 2013 11:43 AM

I'm feeling the same way. I just gave up and let the kids do whatever, I'm done with the not listening. They are only 4.5, 6.5, and 7.5!

Jessmom June 12th, 2013 12:10 PM

Re: Feeling down.
Thanks ladies! It's nice to not feel alone. My hubby was so sweet last night he just held me and let me cry it out. I am off work again today I really need some rest. This no sleep thing is the last straw for me. I can't seem to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time.

MommyPenguin4 June 13th, 2013 12:30 PM

Re: Feeling down.
Same here! My mood has been so off and on and it's really frustrating and getting me down as well! One day I will totally fine and the next, super depressed! I too am worried about getting PP... I talked to BF last night about my fears and let my doctor know I want more information on it because I am so worried I am going to have it... I'm just trying to build up a support system now just in case you know?!

We're all here for you hun! *hugs*

soccermamatomany June 13th, 2013 12:35 PM

Re: Feeling down.
I can totally relate with the teen thing. I have 4 teenage girls living under my roof, 18, 15, 14 and 14. They are really rotten and say the rudest things! They are selfish and could care less about anyone but themselves, but from what I gather, that is normal!

I hope you can come out of your funk. I am an emotional mess today too.

84oilymom June 14th, 2013 08:01 AM

Re: Feeling down.
Mood swings and downers is an understatement! I have my 3 youngest boys that have resorted to crazy behavior... peeing in the trash can cutting lips and pokin holes in bean bags. Hubby is no help in the boy area cause he thinks its kinda funny grrrrr! My 11 year old has been a good sport about changing her room and assembling things with me but then they all leave for the 6 week visit with their dad and my step son his mom... and they are due back right around 37 weeks... probable delivery for me!
I spoke with dr and she says to try swimming to destress or she can start me on antidepressants now but i was so emotional i just cried and told her i will be fine... loud group scream!

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