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Kim3 July 7th, 2013 07:09 AM

Ideas for cute photos
I somehow feel the need to take daily pictures of my little Elli :p Did the professional photos - problem is that she has NO schedule so it is impossible to get a time when I know she will be at her best. Therefore, I keep the camera on the coffee table and take when the opportunity arises. I have a pretty furry blanket for the floor and her baby blankets in pink or white. I drape one over the bars on the playmat and use it as a backdrop. (it is nice as it is moveable. I can put it where I need the backdrop to be.) Looking to share (and receive) ideas for cute photos.

Here are some:

1) I found monthly stickers (they say, 1 month, 2 month, etc. up to 12). You can place them on a onsie and then take a picture to document each month. Cute if you do in the same background to see how they grow.

2) Holiday ones - I did one on the 4th in her 4th of July outfit with patriot streamers in the background. Need to remember to do one each holiday.

3) Someone here suggested wedding bands on her toes. Still trying to get this one as she wakes everytime I place them on her toes (light sleeper - love the idea though).

Please share ideas so that we all have some neat ones.

beatlechicksteph July 7th, 2013 08:13 AM

Re: Ideas for cute photos
These are cool ideas! I started monthly pictures with his Winnie the Pooh, since it's almost as big as he is, to show his growth, and I photoshop in a list of things he does for that month onto the background.

I've done a picture of him wearing a pair of booties that I used for my maternity shot, and I have the maternity picture and the picture of him in a tandem frame on the wall.

I just did the wedding rings on toes picture...took me 2 days to get the shot. I ended up doing it while he was awake, and I put the boppy in the rocking chair, him in the boppy, and trapped his legs so he wouldn't kick.

My sister is coming out in 2 weeks, and while she's here, she's going to do a photoshoot with him. I'll come back to this thread and share what she did. I've been looking on pinterest for ideas, but nothing has really stuck out at me that I think he would cooperate for LOL

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