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MoreThanEnough July 30th, 2013 08:59 AM

Weight Gain??
Anyone else have a hard time keeping their weight down? I had FULL intentions of gaining like no more than 25 pounds as I was at the top end of my weight already, and here I am, 32 weeks today and I have put on 37.5 pounds. How did it come to this?! Oh I know, I was sick in the first tri and beyond and the first while I felt better when I was eating so pounds came quickly. And then I tried and tried for months to keep the weight down but to no avail. So here I am. A few weeks ago I stopped counting calories. I hope that I'll get that squished stomach feeling soon and lose weight at the end like some ladies. Oh well, what can you do. Tell me I'm not the only one gaining more than the recommended amount? My blood pressure is still good and no GD so I'm thankful about that!

L-SBB July 30th, 2013 09:08 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
with my dd, I gained a crazy amount of weight - most of it (weirdly) from about 28 weeks on but seriously I was freaking my doctor out cause it was like 3-4lbs/week and even though I swear I wasn't eating different or anything. A lot turned out to be fluid retention, but we didn't really know that until after baby was born and in the 10 days after I lost a ton of weight quickly. This pregnancy has been totally different weight gain wise (still doing exact same thing as I did with DD eating wise) and as of last apt I was only up 10lbs total.

I truly believe that sometimes weight gain is completely out of your control - if you're eating reasonably well, trying to walk a bit or light exercise, you've done what you can and try not to stress the amount you're gaining...if you BP is fine & baby is growing at normal rate, then this weight gain is perfectly healthy and what (apparently) your body needs during pregnancy (((HUGS)))

Halyanne July 30th, 2013 09:12 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
I really am sorry to hear you are having trouble. I can honestly say I haven't. I'm 31 weeks and have only picked up 13 pounds. Before I got pregnant, I cut out all sugar and grains from my diet. Have pretty much stuck to that throughout my pregnancy. Haven't gained all that much, course I am/was quite a bit over weight to begin with so my current weight gain is right on target with what I should be gaining. I also think its a bit different not living in the States. There are too many convenience foods to buy and too much processed ready made stuff that makes making dinner simple and easy. There is stuff like that here, but not in a huge variety and certainly not cheap. I know this really doesn't help you, but I do hope that once your baby comes the weight will come off fairly easy over few months after you give birth.

MamaLaurie July 30th, 2013 09:34 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
I really didn't want to gain more than 30, but as of my last appt I was up 29 lbs. For me the weight gain doesn't slow at the end, so I'm thinking I will be around 40lbs total. They have assured me that this is completely fine since I started out under weight, but it freaks me out! I've been through this before so it shouldn't, but I don't handle it well at all. I am trying hard though! Just a few more weeks and we get to drop a ton of weight!

Grlsshp9 July 30th, 2013 10:05 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
I have had no control of my weight gain at all! It has been a pretty steady gain of 1 pound a week since I got pregnant and I have gained 35.

AmbzAsh July 30th, 2013 10:19 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
I am 32 weeks and have gained about 33lbs. My doctor never seems to be concerned with my weight...she never mentions it or questions me about what I am eating. I am 5'9 so maybe it's because I am tall? I really haven't changed anything about my eating...not a lot of junk food...and I'm actually not able to eat as much anymore...but I am gaining weight a lot faster. I'm guessing I will top out at about 50lbs gained. I feel like it is a lot of FLUID though! Trust me, I am NOT happy about these numbers AT ALL...but my BP has been amazing at each appt and no GD. So thank goodness for that! People constantly tell me how great I look for being 32 weeks pregnant....so I am holding on to that :)

kelbert July 30th, 2013 10:38 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
I am at the opposite end of the spectrum.. since my first visit to the OB I have gained a pound (as of my last appointment.. may be more now)

BUT I started off overweight. When you are already heavier than you should be, you should only gain about 10 to 15 total. I looked at a pregnancy BMI chart thing and when you start off on the smaller side you will gain more.

I am glad I haven't gained much because maybe after baby comes it will be a jump start to me getting back to a healthy weight.

Plus I am only 5'2" so I shouldn't weigh as much as I do :(

SaraSara July 30th, 2013 10:52 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
This time around I have gain about 20 lbs and I am 35 weeks. I think part of it is that I am chasing DS around all the time. Also, this time I am all belly out front.

However, with DS I gained like 50 lbs in total...I was HUGE and gained all over. Every baby is different I guess. Don't sweat it. I say worry about it when your baby is like 2-3 months old...or later...or not at all :).

jensma July 30th, 2013 11:18 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
i'm at 30lb at 32 weeks which is the most of any of my kids. if i can keep it to 35 i'd be delighted but i'm not counting on that. i don't exactly eat the best,but i don't feel like i'm just gorging myself all of the time either. It slowed down in the 3rd tri with my other kids but it doesn't feel like it is this time.

iCathy July 30th, 2013 11:53 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
I'm in the same boat! I'm at 31 weeks and have gained 30 lbs, with no end in site! I did great the first trimester, then in the second, I gained 10 one month, and 8 in the other. I've only gained 4 this past month, but my body just likes to gain weight during pregnancy, I swear! I would like to only gain 40, but I have a feeling it will be more than that :( It will all be worth it in the end, is what I keep telling myself. lol Hang in there!

Dolly Lama July 30th, 2013 12:22 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
As of my last trip to the doctor, I had only gained 8 or 10lbs, but in the weeks since, I feel like I have picked up a ton for some reason. I have no idea why, but since it was sudden, I'm going to go with fluid retention. :D

For some reason I don't seem to gain a whole lot while pregnant; it's afterwards that I really have to worry about because that's when I seem to pick up the weight...Ultimately I believe that your body is going to do whatever it's going to do, so relax and enjoy whatever is left of your pregnancy. We'll support each other to get back in shape afterwards. :)

babybatax2 July 30th, 2013 12:45 PM

At 30 weeks, I've gained 37 lbs :-0

Kai452 July 30th, 2013 01:28 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
At 32 weeks, I've gained 3 pounds. To be fair, I started out about 30-40 pounds overweight, so I really shouldn't gain much. The recommended amount they say is 11-20. My issue is that if I gain 15-20 pounds, it will put me back at my heaviest weight ever and I'm not okay with it. I haven't changed anything about my eating habits, but now it's sticking around I guess.

Eh. At least there's a prize at the end. Maybe some of it is fluid.

Anitha July 30th, 2013 01:43 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
21 lbs at 31 weeks. I am not doing anything different than what I did last time around...but I am gaining less than I did at this point with my last pregnancy. Goes to show that pregnancy weight gain is largely out of your control. You can merely try your best to eat right, stay active and hope for the best I guess!

beckiethedoula July 30th, 2013 01:56 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
I've been on both ends of the weigh gain spectrum... with DS1 I gained 60 lbs, DS2 I gained 25lbs, and with DD I gained 2lbs... yep 2lbs. This has me convinced that, if you are eating well and moving your body, you will gain exactly how much you need to maintain a healthy body and baby.

This pregnancy I've decided not to stress weight and my midwife agreed. It's been about a month since I stepped on a scale and I won't again until I'm in labor. (She, legally, needs my start weight and end weight for her records.) Because we're not tracking my weight I did agree to do a "glucose tolerance" test. I did it at home with a glucometer by testing my fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning, than eating a big pancake and syrup breakfast and testing again 2 hours after. Every # was normal. :)

I guess what I'm saying is: Don't stress the scale. Eat. Move. Trust your body to do what it needs for your sweet baby.

kimberlyw July 30th, 2013 03:33 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
I have gained 37 lbs so far too. I really really really wanted to only gain 25lbs haha - guess I blew that goal! With my last three pregnancies my weight gain was between 40-50lbs so I am guess it will probably be the same for this one as well. I know I will have weight to lose after baby comes, but I have done it three times so far so I am sure I will do it again. It is incredibly frustrating though. My MW has been really cool about not saying anything about how much I have gained, and funny enough most of mine happened in the first 20 weeks. I think it was because all I could eat was carbs and I had to eat ALL THE TIME because if I got even slightly hungry I got sick. Oh well!

AshleighR July 30th, 2013 09:03 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
As of weighing myself last week I have gained 9lbs since getting pregnant, but I've been struggling with morning sickness the entire time! I get the feeling my low weight gain is going out the window though, for the past few days I have been a bottomless pit!

TayAnd2Angels July 30th, 2013 11:14 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
At 35 weeks I've gained 21. I'm hoping to stay under 25, but we shall see.

Chichidc July 31st, 2013 04:30 AM

Re: Weight Gain??
35 weeks and I'm up about 28-30 depending on what time of day I weigh myself. Hoping to keep it under 35, but not too worried if I go to 40. I'm 5'9" and was borderline underweight to start

mommy2lilmen July 31st, 2013 01:03 PM

Re: Weight Gain??
I am having the opposite, I cant gain.

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