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Lemon November 1st, 2013 06:02 AM

Friday TGIF
Morning girls.

What's up today and this weekend? :)

jennyrae03 November 1st, 2013 07:08 AM

Re: Friday TGIF
Morning! We're just trying to get some breakfast quick and then we have to get ready for our newborn photos this morning at 11. I'm a little nervous because the photographer will be doung lots of naked baby poses and Logan HATES to have his clothes off! Lol. I've got the heat cranked up so that it will be nice and toasty warm when she gets here. Hopefully that will help!

Sometime today I would like to get on here and type up his birth story!

Rosiegirl7 November 1st, 2013 07:22 AM

Re: Friday TGIF
Haha that's funny Jenny that your baby hates to be naked mine is the opposite he hates clothes and wants to be naked all the time oh and hates to be swaddled. It's like he belongs in a jungle or something. Also- good luck with the photos can't wait to see them!!

This weekend we finally don't have visitors scheduled so DH and I agreed its a movie, takeout kinda weekend. I'm also going to get serious with working out I got the Ok from the doc. :)

sweety_pie November 1st, 2013 09:17 AM

Re: Friday TGIF
Christian loves to be naked too! :P

No plans here for the weekend, just hanging out with the kiddies.

Laurenj915 November 1st, 2013 09:33 AM

Re: Friday TGIF
Did anyone see that Tori Spelling confessed she lied about how she dropped her baby weight so quickly? She told magazines that she ate healthy and did low impact cardio. Recently, she confessed that she followed a, "shut your blanking mouth and eat air diet" and did not work out. I do not follow her life but at least she is a celeb who is honest about losing her baby weight. I think alot of them are so full of it!

Anyway, I will not be following that diet so I can't wait to workout again! I'm still at least a month out though.

We are hanging out at my MIL's today. DH is at work and tomorrow we have the annual firefighter picnic. Lots of BBQ, food, beer, music, bounce houses. i can't wait to just enjoy the park and relax.

Jenny, my little one hates to be naked too. She is just like me, always cold. And we live in South Florida! I will tell you that I used to work on political campaigns when I graduated college and so I spend one Janurary in your neck of the woods before the Iowa Caucus. OMG! It is the coldest place I have ever been. I don't know how you do it!

ILoveStorm2011 November 1st, 2013 10:03 AM

Re: Friday TGIF
Ditto on hating to be naked! She also hates diaper changes 50% of the time because of it.
Ugh. Switching out our washing machines and then hopefully getting clothes cleaned and the apartment finally cleaned. I'm wearing bright blue basketball shorts and my Dh's tan army shirt. I'll probably go out with a dress and a sports bra since I have noooo clean clothes.

mizza411 November 1st, 2013 10:15 AM

Re: Friday TGIF
My lo hates being naked too! Not sure what the weekend holds! Tonight is pizza, movie, and pumpkin walk with dh. Apparently there 's a park nearby where everyone from the neighbourhood takes their lit jackolanterns and lines them along a path. Fun!

Lemon November 1st, 2013 10:39 AM

William hates having his diaper changed; especially when he is hungry. It's one of the only times he cried really.

It's grey and ugly here today. Rain on the way. DH is working from home so he will pick DS up from school for me.
The rest of the day will be lazy and chill.

Over the weekend we'll be celebrating BIL's bday, running some errands (God I miss going to Target), doing some school work with with DS. We also have to do his whole science fair project (blah).
Looking forward to the FSU game tomorrow night.

Good luck with nb pics Jenny! I had to nurse and rock William back to sleep pretty often during ours to keep him asleep.

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