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rachoochoo2 December 13th, 2013 06:39 PM

Rachel's pregnancy journal
Our TTC journey ultimately began in 2007. It took us exactly 25 months and 3 rounds of clomid to get pregnant with our first daughter. She was born 05/2010 and it was love at first site. We instantly knew that wanted another baby ASAP. When she was only 5 months old I got pregnant again and miscarried before I ever really got the chance to get used to the idea of being pregnant again. Just a few months later we found out we were expecting again and 12/2011 we added another girl into our family (on her daddy's birthday!).

Two under two was a rough ordeal for me for the better part of that first year but the closer my baby got to turning 1, the more I started to get that itch for another bitty baby. I stopped BC 11/2012 but was still breastfeeding and my cycles didn't return until 02/2013 and that is when we began TTC in earnest. My cycles were all over the place and I wasn't always ovulating or ovulating late so having had past success with clomid I went to my doctor and got prescribed it again. I did four rounds on the clomid and my body successfully responded to it but I was not getting pregnant. During the process I was becoming very emotional and gaining a lot of weight.

In 09/2013 I made the very difficult decision to put TTC on hold and try to get myself to a healthier place so that we could continue. I went on phentermine and made some drastic diet/exercises changes and lost 30 lbs in 2 months! I had one more month of phentermine to go and plans to lose another 20 lbs before TTC again when I got a very surprise BFP! So here I am! God had bigger and better plans for me than I did for myself and I am happy that he knows better than I do.

We saw our little bean for the first time this week and he/she had a beautiful heartbeat measuring at 174 bpm. Love at first sight!:wub:

Earthy.Mama December 14th, 2013 07:59 AM

Re: Rachel's pregnancy journal
Awww, I see that happen all the time, where ppl put of TTC and relax and focus on them and then BAM they get preggo!! So cool, that's awesome for you guys ♥

colette20 December 15th, 2013 10:46 AM

Re: Rachel's pregnancy journal
I too will have 2 under two (DS will be 18 months in July) and I am freaking out at the idea.

I had a long TTC journey too, before DS came along, and this one was a total surprise. I asked DF.. Think we should be open to more kids? Bam. Preggo that night.

I also applaud being team green, I can't not know... lol

rachoochoo2 December 17th, 2013 08:14 AM

Re: Rachel's pregnancy journal
Well DH is starting to throw up resistance on team green so I'm thinking we will probably be finding out. :( I'm really disappointed because I really was gung ho about it but it's not something I see as being worth arguing over either. Maybe I can change his mind still. I guess we will see since I have time to be persuasive. ;)

My friend is loaning me a doppler! I am so excited to get to hear the baby's heartbeat! We saw it on u/s last week but didn't get to hear it.

colette20 December 22nd, 2013 09:31 PM

Re: Rachel's pregnancy journal
I think my DF could actually be team green... I could not. Of course, Im still counting on the baby cooperating and actually finding out. lol

So jealous of all you ladies with dopplers! I thought of asking for one for christmas.. but thought too late. My birthday is next month... so maybe Ill ask my mom, lol.

rachoochoo2 January 2nd, 2014 02:02 PM

Re: Rachel's pregnancy journal
My appointment this morning went really well. I was up 2 lbs, which I considered a success especially with all over the holiday/birthday overindulging I did. I was happy with the number and now that the holidays are over I will be watching what I eat more closely. We heard the heartbeat with the doppler as well. It was really super faint and only for a second but it was 160. We talked about scheduling the big u/s and I was supposed to get it scheduled but he forgot to circle it on my paperwork so I will just schedule it next time I go. It's only 6 weeks away! I scheduled Jan 30th for my next appt but I am going to call and change it to the 31st instead. The 31st is my birthday and I didn't realize it but DH took that day off. Two weeks later I will go for my u/s (which should be Valentine's Day).

rachoochoo2 January 30th, 2014 09:16 AM

Re: Rachel's pregnancy journal
Another appointment this morning. For the first time I feel this could REALLY be a boy. Heart rate was 148. I have NEVER in all my pregnancies had one that low. 12 more days until we find out. I was up another 2 lbs according to their scale (blah guess my scale at home has been lying to me). I'm ok with only 2 lbs a month I guess. That's steady and not excessive.

Oh AND my little sister (also due in July) found out this morning she is having a girl! Another niece for me. I only have one other and I have never met her since she lives out of state.

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