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melissalaw March 10th, 2014 01:26 PM

Monday Moans
Let's hear your moans for this Monday.

My moan is that I am so exhausted. I forgot how exhausting having a newborn can be. Christian is definitely easier than my other two but it is still exhausting.

UncetainMommy March 10th, 2014 07:22 PM

Re: Monday Moans
Grandma did not put the older one down for a nap while we were out doing laundry, and then she wouldn't go down for a late nap. :angry2: So now I get to sit up listening to an overly tired older baby cry herself in and out of sleep, because I can't sleep when she's like this. I also get to worry that her wails might wake her brother up if I do try and go to bed because while he doesn't seem to mind them when we're right outside her door, there's something about them coming over the baby monitor that disturbs him.

victoria0294 March 11th, 2014 01:21 AM

Re: Monday Moans
Definitely the exhaustion. I told DH last night that when he got home from work I wanted to go to the grocery store and run a few errands. It was great not having to hold a baby for a few hrs lol. But I was wandering around the store, constantly looking at my list like 'what do I need to get?' Lol.

Related to the exhaustion, usually both the girls cry and won't go to sleep between 8-10pm ish until 1am. Last night it was luckily just Melody, but it's so exhausting. I just hold her and walk with her and rock her, and no matter what I do she's wide awake and won't go to sleep and randomly cries. And don't even think about setting her down because she'll scream lol. Then she eats and goes to sleep thank god.

I can't wait until they can go longer between feedings, this 3 hrs is rough!

OverJoyed092 March 11th, 2014 09:31 AM

Re: Monday Moans
Oh mamas!I'm exhausted too!!!!!Lol soo funny we were all complaining about pregnancy insomnia but that had nothing on this.My moan is related to breastfeeding, everyday is the day I'm going to give it up.Kingsley has perfected his latch but he will not stay on the breast.If I wake him up or catch him as he is waking up he will for about 5 minutes but if he loses his latch he won't come back on and he def won't switch breasts after finished with one which means he is still hungry and looking for a bottle.I pump but pumping every two hours is so unrealistic for me with trying to sleep, making bottles, cleaning bottles, cooking dinner, or getting real life activities done.Pumping makes my nipples tender and I only imagine myself walking around with swollen nipples for 6 more months..ewww.Also I only pump 1-3 oz at a setting now which is not nearly enough for my hungry man.He eats 4-5 oz every 3-4 hours.I also have started adding a very very little amount of cereal in his milk at the suggestion of a friend b/c he was wanting bottles constantly every hour almost and so hungry when he woke up that it was breaking my heart, now he is much happier and can sleep a little longer.So I'm still going back and forth on if it's worth it for me to still breastfeed. Don't know how long I'll be on board with it- but he is napping now so I will go pump. I'd say he gets about 6-8oz breast milk 18oz formula. Reverse supplementing at its finest.

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