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lainey0115 May 29th, 2014 04:23 PM

I look like the michelin man.....
Is anyone else swelling like crazy?!?! Omg none of my shoes fit... not even the biggest flip flops I own. I managed to squeeze into a pair this morning, and they are soooo tight it's ridiculous. Does anyone have suggestions for comfy shoes that aren't extremely ugly? My feet are in so much pain, I can't stay on my feet for longer than like 10 minutes at a time. I need something open toe because it's hot as heck here right now.

Thanks for your help!!! :)

toasterbell May 29th, 2014 05:36 PM

Re: I look like the michelin man.....
Well, my first suggestion would be to get your b/p checked ASAP, because a little swelling is okay, but not fitting in flip flops isn't :-P. But, if that's not it, put on a pair of socks and make the trek to walmart or target for some cheapo larger flip flops to get you through. I think that ugly is probably a forgone conclusion, but it should only be a few more weeks. I'm sorry you're so miserable. I know it's gotta hurt :-(.


rachelc0 June 3rd, 2014 11:12 AM

Re: I look like the michelin man.....
i hear ya. i've actually had to go out and buy a few pairs of new shoes because i couldn't fit into anything. concerned about the sudden and extreme swelling, i discussed it with my doctor. who said it would be a concern except my b/p was fantastic and had been throughout my entire pregnancy.

drinking lots of water can help. as well as putting your feet up above your heart as much as possible. i work at a desk so every hour or to i like to put my feet up for about 5-10min, then right after, i take a little stroll around the office. they say to get up and walk at least every hour to prevent the blood from pooling in your feet. my problem is i sit all day.

the best way to help relieve some of the pain is a nice hot bath. idk why but they work almost instantly it seems

lainey0115 June 3rd, 2014 02:45 PM

Re: I look like the michelin man.....
Doctor says the same thing about my blood pressure.. she says it's been great so there is no concern. Which I guess is good news for me and baby. Not so much for my feet... lol they are still getting bigger by the day, but I managed to find a wider pair of flip flops that aren't AS painful. I sit at a desk all day too, and have tried putting my feet up on a stool under my desk.. but it doesn't really seem to help. I am go grateful for my desk job, bc there is no way possible I could stand on my feet and work! Epsom salt baths are part of my daily routine! :)

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