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lainey0115 June 8th, 2014 06:37 AM

Did you know when it was *time* to go to the hospital???
FTM here....I've been having cramps on and off for the past 3 days. Almost feels like ovulation pain.. and TMI alert... lotsss of mucus! ugh! I figured the first day that it was probably the mucus plug, but it's happened for 4 days now! And it mostly happens after I feel the "ovulation type pain". At my last OB appointment on Monday I was 2 cm dilated, which the doctor seemed kind of surprised bc I was only 36 weeks (37 weeks now). I know some people stay 1-2 cm forever... but I just feel like he's coming soon. I just don't know how severe the pain should be before I head for the hospital. grrrr. Anyone want to share their experience???

toasterbell June 8th, 2014 07:32 AM

Re: Did you know when it was *time* to go to the hospital???
Sounds like you may be in pre-labor to me, which could last hours, days, or weeks :-(. Get a contraction timer app and see if your pain is timeable or not... that's probably the real test as far as when to go to the hospital. My experience with "real" contractions has been that they involve so much of the abdomen that they're impossible to walk through, not necessarily because of pain, but because my legs don't want to move the way I tell them to. However, the slow dilation process before labor starts for me involves a lot of cramps, mucus, back pain, etc. With my first kiddo, I had excruciatingly painful contractions every 5 minutes for something like 36 hours before they would even take me at the hospital. The second time, I walked into the hospital for an induction and was apparently already in labor without even knowing it, so I guess it's different every time. I'd say try the hospital if you're having cramps every 5 minutes or less for an hour. This time, because I have slow labors, my doc told me to come in once I had contractions every three minutes for at least three hours. Yikes!

Sorry for the rambling, and hope that helps!

-Gypsy (due 6/21)

RedSoxFan84 June 8th, 2014 08:32 AM

Lurking from May, but I had similar pain for about a week and got sent home from the hospital twice because I was only 2 cm dilated.

I had a lot of mucus for maybe two weeks, but didn't lose my plug until the day before I delivered. TMI but it's really gross and looks like a big booger, lol. I passed pieces of it a couple of times that day.

Finally, the contractions got so bad I couldn't even think straight, let alone walk or talk (I had back labor). I thought they were bad before, but those didn't compare to the real thing. I cried through them and they were 2.5 minutes a part and lasting 1 minute by the time I decided to go back to the hospital.

When I was finally admitted I was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced and my water broke half an hour later.

Johnsgirlsx3 June 8th, 2014 05:52 PM

Re: Did you know when it was *time* to go to the hospital???
Sounds like the baby dropped stretching those leg aments and causing the excuse mucus! That's good! That will help you dilate even more. With my second I was dilated to 2.5 at 30 weeks.

chrysalis1 June 9th, 2014 01:17 PM

Re: Did you know when it was *time* to go to the hospital???
YES!!! I soooo knew. I am a FTM as well as I remember asking at every appt how would I know if I was in labor and the doctors kept telling "you'll know" and I would be annoyed because I thought that answer was a cop-out. But I really did know!

At 35+5 I went to l&d because I was having very regular braxton hicks (didn't know for sure if they were braxton hicks or not) and I was 3cm then. I spent the next couple weeks paranoid I was going to be in labor and not know it.

At 38+3 I lost part of my mucus plug and the next day I went into labor. One strange thing I noticed is that the morning I lost my mucus plug and all that day, the braxton hicks contractions strangely had disappeared. I was feeling "the calm before the storm" lol because on the day I went into labor I woke up around 4:30 am feeling PAIN!!! It was a whole new type of contraction, it was nothing like the braxton hicks I had been feeling. The whole time before I went into labor, I had thought some of my BH *might* have been real contractions, but that was only until I felt real labor contractions. Long story short I thought I wouldn't know what real labor contractions felt like and I did. They felt kind of like... productive, or urgent if that made sense... like I felt not only a contraction but like other things were shifting around in there to push the baby out... when I got to 6cm I could have sworn I was crowning lol.

Wish44 June 9th, 2014 04:13 PM

Re: Did you know when it was *time* to go to the hospital???
I worried the same thing, but you will absolutely know when it's time. The real labor contractions were like nothing I'd ever experienced in my life. I could not talk through them. All I wanted to do was cry.

lainey0115 June 9th, 2014 06:18 PM

Re: Did you know when it was *time* to go to the hospital???
Thanks for sharing ladies!!! So... update.. still no pain and I haven't felt any braxton hicks, even though I couldn't tell you what they feel like in the first place. lol. I just have a LOT of pressure downstairs. When I pee I feel like he is going to stick an arm out and wave at me. I am so worried I'm going to have this baby at work with no warning!! lol guess I'll just keep playing the waiting game.

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