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Counting our Blessings July 30th, 2014 04:27 PM

Our tie breaker is a....
BOY! So we will be 6 boys and 5 girls :smile:. We spent two days last week at a childrens hospital doing some testing. They haven't ruled out downs syndrome, but as of right now, we are not doing the extra testing to confirm or deny. We have developed some other issues that will be following with ultrasounds every 4 weeks, and NST starting around 30 weeks. We've been told we won't make it to our due date of January 1st, but are hoping for close to it. It all depends on how it's going at the end. I have had 10 textbook, vaginal deliveries, so this is a new learning curve. But we are thrilled to be 18 weeks and having a little boy, definitely not a secret there :p.
The issues appear to be with me, outside of possibly downs. We will have another ultrasound in two weeks, hopefully to check the heart and look again for markers and growth and placenta issues.
But feeling very blessed!:smile:

jmomma2_4 July 30th, 2014 04:33 PM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Awwww so cool, and neat to have such a fairly even number of each! Def praying you get close to due date so baby is good and ready! Take care and thanks for sharing!

Hopeful2015 July 30th, 2014 04:48 PM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Awww...congrats on the boy! Praying everything goes well.

Mom2AnAngel2 July 30th, 2014 06:31 PM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats! Many prayers that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and you have a safe delivery as close to New Years as possible.

Rach333 July 30th, 2014 07:11 PM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats!! Praying your upcoming ultrasound and appointments go well.

HazelMom July 31st, 2014 01:44 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats on your little boy! I hope the rest of your ultrasounds and testing go very well, and you deliver as close to January 1st as possible. Keep us posted on how it all goes!

Kristina July 31st, 2014 03:58 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats on your baby boy. I hope everything turns out perfect with the other testing and u/s. Lots of thoughts and well wishes for you and your family.

Counting our Blessings July 31st, 2014 06:01 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Thanks ladies! I thought this baby was a girl, so it's taking a bit to wrap my head around another little boy :smile:. I'm usually wrong, so not sure why it's a surprise!

humnck July 31st, 2014 07:01 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Yay for a baby boy :) Hope all goes well!!

momie2b9-20-11 July 31st, 2014 09:05 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats on a baby boy! You'll be in my prayers that all goes as well as can and upcoming u/s go good.

I'm high risk and will be getting more u/s to check on baby and will probably come early as well. I was a little higher risk near the end with 1st but this also is a new "curve ball" for me also as I'm a little worried but hope and pray everything works out good for both of us!

AmyGail July 31st, 2014 12:24 PM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Welcome to team BLUE!!! Congrats and well wishes for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

Mrscanadianbacon July 31st, 2014 07:58 PM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats, big wishes for a remaining health pregnancy, due date buddy!!

LJD3Tdance August 1st, 2014 12:32 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Congrats, I hope everything ends up wonderfully for you both in the end.

Counting our Blessings August 1st, 2014 07:02 AM

Re: Our tie breaker is a....
Thanks again ladies :smile:

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