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May 21st, 2010, 11:11 AM
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In my research of oligohydramnios i pretty much read that if you are discovered to have low fluid in the 2nd trimester, it normally means there is a defect in the baby (and more than likely, nothing can be done). If it is found in the 3rd trimester, it is normally something to do with the mother and they can induce pregnancy or other things.

With my first pregnancy they discovered i had low fluid (.5 was my AFI) at my 20 week ultrasound. When we went in for another ultrasound they found our baby had cysts in both kidneys. Some children have them in just one and are able to survive because one kidney still works and produces fluid, but when both don't work, no fluid is produced (because they cannot urinate) and then there are complications with their lungs developing because it is breathing in the amniotic fluid that helps develop their lungs. And that in turn most of the time makes it so the baby will not survive after they are born. And there is also a higher chance of stillbirth because of cord compression.

But, every case is different, and miracles DO happen. Here is a story i ran across when i was doing my research on Bilateral Multicystic Kidney Disease (what our daughter had):
"Hi Everyone. I am new to the group. My daughter Faith was born w/bi-lateral MCDK.
By the time I was 26 weeks she had very minimal amniotic fluid. She started dialysis at 10 days old... At 1 she received her first kidney transplant which later she rejected. She received her second transplant at the age of 3. She will be 7 next month."

When i asked her about her daughters lungs she said this:
"Although, she had very low fluid her lungs were fine." It is a miracle her lungs were fine. I was told that she wouldn't make it because of her lungs."
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