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May 26th, 2010, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by lynnbug25 View Post
I am just a teen, but I have been kinda worried that I am pregnant. During intercourse, he was not protected, I was not on birth control, and he sprayed inside of me. Intercourse was on my 14th day of the cycle (which I have a normal 28day cycle.) I have been just a little worried since, it has been 10days since ovulation/ intercourse occured and last night, on Easter, I experienced very light, brown looking blood. It was like that way all through the night. I was confused because I don't start until Thursday (another 4days since yesterday.) I told my best friend, and he was thinking it might be implantation bleeding, although, at school today, I wore a tampon just incase it is my period, and the first time I went to the bathroom and changed my tampon was about 6 hours after I first put it in. I bled kinda a lot for some people, but for me, it was still kinda lighter than normal. It started out pinking brown, but today it was red. I don't know if it was red just because the blood collected, or what. but I was wondering if it is implantation bleeding or if it is my period starting early. I am planning on taking a home pregnancy test this weekend, but does anyone have any comments, or ideas about that?
Can I find a way to contact you? I have to ask you something... It's similar to your situation.. thanks..
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