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June 14th, 2010, 06:41 AM
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I love them all, which totally shocks me seeing as I hate the whole vampire obsession thing and have since the Anne Rice craze went on. Maybe I was just too young to appreciate it? I wouldn't say I love one more than any other but I do love them all differently. "True Blood" is edgier and is geared towards a much different audience than the teen vamp books/movies/shows. I've yet to read any of the SVM but I do love Charlaine Harris' other work so I hope to get to them this summer. I love "Twilight" and "Vampire Diaries" as a fun escape from reality. I would probably not like both if they were both movies or television shows. I find the "Vampire Diaries" to be like a fantasy version of "The OC". I've never read those books either but I'd likely read the Sookie books before them. I think they are all harmless entertainment for most people. I find it hard to compare "True Blood" to the other two series though.

Oh, and Eric's nekkid backside was well worth the wait last night
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