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June 21st, 2010, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by wanna be a first time mamma View Post
hi i am new to this forum and just wanted to ask yous something, When i was 15 i had a miscarriage and was taking contraceptive pills after but had trouble taking them and then had the implanon rod put in wen i was 18 and was allergic to it so had that taken out and then had the injection for about 6months at the age of 22 and then i put weight on with it then stoped that and in betwen them time had un protected sex and havent fallen once. I havent been trying but thuoght if a fall il fall but havent. Now i am 23yrs old and for about two week or so started to get cramp not alot or big cramps just little ones here and there and head aches slight and tirdness and tender breast. I work in bakery and i usally eat alot and didnt feel like eating alot and everythin i tasted, tasted fail and milk tasted and smelled horrible so i took a clear blue test thinking this was it and it come up positive 1-2 weeks i thought great this is it im ganna be a mummy yey lol,

So i booked appointment with the doctor and asked when my last period was and how i feel i said few little pain he said url get all that cramping and more further on then he said is there a problem i said no but shouldnt u take a test to confirm he said no the tests are 99% acurate and hes happy to just say im pregnant and worked out i was about 5weeks pregnant this was on a tuesday so he sent me to the front disk to make a anti natal appointment for 12 week so it get s to the friday an my pains are geting worse and then i get really bad back pains and period pains so i went to the hospital and then they took a urine test it came back nagitve so they then took a blood test and that came back not pregnant. Its now monday and im still getting the same pregnancy symtoms but now on my period but its not normal and dont feel normal have been haveing realy sharp shootin pains. does this sound like anything anyones come across atal im just really confussed thanks for reading : (
Just wondering, what is a anti natal appointment? I know what prenatal care is but never heard of anti natal. Anti means against something, so I was confused when I read this.
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