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June 21st, 2010, 01:53 AM
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Okay, so I've taken 4 pregnancy tests. The first two, First response, were taken Thursday the 17th, both positive. Then on Friday the 18th I went to the doctor for a urine test and he said it came back negative. But my husband, not quite convinced the doctor was right, went out and bought Clearblue Digital tests. I took the first one when I woke up on June 20th, and the second when I woke up this morning, the 21st. Both clearly read: "Pregnant." And I feel like I should mention that my sleeping schedule is backwards. I sleep during the day and wake up at night. And I'm supposed to start today, so i wasn't late when I took the first few tests. So seeing as how I had already been up for quite a few hours the day of the doctor's office urine test, it wouldn't have been my "Morning's first urine." Could that have affected it? I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday (Tomorrow). Should I request a blood pregnancy test? I'm not worried about the cost, my insurance will cover it.
Also, I have heard about certain women "making themselves believe" that they're pregnant and they can actually receive false positives. But I have been "almost positive" that I was pregnant a lot of times that I've taken tests. And I don't believe in all that stuff saying people can make themselves believe something that isn't true...So I want to say that rules that option out. And if it were a chemical pregnancy, wouldn't it show up "Not Pregnant" on the last two tests I did?
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