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June 26th, 2010, 04:29 PM
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ok so i bought a test today... it came out as invalid. i got home and decided i didnt want to spend anymore money on tests all at once, cause i know they're not 100% right anyway. so i came home from work and got online. and i did a bunch of those calculating periods and ovulation things. my cycle is usually 22-24 days. apparently i was to expect my period the 15th of June. here it is the 26th. i've had a little cramping a couple days ago, but nothing as what it should be. i cramp alot when my period is a couple days away. i cramped for 2 days and it stopped. my boyfriend and i havent been using protection the last 4 months. Has this finally caught up with us? i haven't been feeling nausea, i haven't been sore anywhere, my areola's are still normal in color, but i have been a little more tired then usual, which in my opinion i think it's because of my new job. i'm not sure on what to do.. should i get another test? i can't afford the doctors office... anyone.. please... help me!!
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