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July 11th, 2010, 03:30 PM
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My daughter is 3 ˝ years old and she is really struggling with potty training. I am so desperate at this point... I really do not know what to do anymore. I can't find anything anywhere that we haven't tried. She really needs to be potty trained due to preschool approaching and she wants to go very bad so she can be there with her cousins. I don't think the problem is her ability to learn, I think it is just plain stubbornness and the fact that she could care less if she has pee or poop on her. We are talking about a little girl who talks very well, knows every animal and what sound they make, every color and shape, can even draw letters, and she is very creative. Ever since the time she was a baby she never cried when she was wet or dirty... she never cared, we had to check her constantly so she would not get a rash. I think that this has been the biggest obstacle for her… she has no reason really to go unless we constantly give her one. Another reason that is keeping her from going all of the time is that she is a real busy body… moves nonstop; she really hates to sit still.

She isn't absolutely refusing the potty; she just will not keep at it. There are times when she will go if she wants something really bad or if we just put her on... sometimes she will magically go on her own! At daycare she can go a whole day without having gone pee on herself but she holds her poop until she gets home, then hides and goes in her pants when she can. She has maybe gone poop 2 times on the potty. I am now expecting another baby in October, so this is going to make it worse if she's not fully potty trained by then. We have been doing this for over a year and a half now... shouldn't she be trained by now?

Here are just some of the things we have tried: 1) hugs and kisses and lots of excitement, 2) prizes and treats, 3) giving stickers, 4) after she learned that she needs to go in the potty and still wasn't doing it we tried putting her in the corner, 5) the cold turkey off diapers to panties, 6) taking away something she likes if she goes in her pants and then giving her something she likes when she goes on the potty, 7) giving her some privacy, 8) putting a potty in her room and then even in front of the TV for her to watch until she goes, 9) tell her we are going to go somewhere fun when she goes in the potty and when she does, we do, 10) letting her go to the potty the same time we do, 11) explaining why she needs to go on the potty.... the list goes on and on.

If there is anyone out there who has a kid like mine, please tell me what you did unless it is something I have already mentioned above. I'm especially talking about a kid who absolutely could care less if they are wet or dirty, very stubborn, and very much on the move. People are really starting to hurt my feelings lately about this issue; I can tell they think she should be trained by now. I keep getting the people who say their kid was trained by 2 ˝ popping out of the wood work. I feel like this is somehow my fault that I am not finding a solution to this problem. I really feel like we have been consistent and tried so hard. School is starting soon and they won’t take her if she doesn’t go on the potty by herself… if we wait until she is ready to be not stubborn about this anymore, she may be 5 years old.

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