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July 19th, 2010, 07:49 AM
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Ok. So this is a weird story. I'm currently breastfeeding my 10 1/2 month old. Had low breast milk from the start (am using an SNS since 2 mos. of age along with solids). I don't know if that's important but figured I'd add it since it's probably due to a hormonal problem (non thyroid, normal). Anyway, about a week and a half ago I took a pregnancy test. I take them about once a month or so since I have yet to start my cycle. Five tests came out faint positive from the same urine (morning) sample. Next three consecutive tests (over 3 days ) came out negative. Took a blood test three days later and it said less that 2, which means not pregnant. So yesterday I took another test. It came out faint positive. Took another test this morning (one day later) and negative. Took another this afternoon and negative (although urine was super weak). I think I might have ovulated almost a week ago. I took an ovulation test (I had cramping and the such) and it came out very faint, probably meaning it had passed. And I had sex within both time frames. With my first pregnancy I had no symptoms besides nasty headaches at the end of the first trimester. I have been nauseous, and have had headaches along with a few other symptoms which can be associated with both pregnancy and the coming of a period. I just don't get what's going on. I know this is a long post but I thought I should put it all out there as it is a strange predicament in which I have found myself. Does anybody have any ideas as to what can be going on with me?
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