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August 8th, 2010, 08:24 AM
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(How to use Essential Oils)How to Use Essential Oils
Essential Oil List
Essential Oils
Almond Oil (Essential Oil of the Week 1)
Angelica Root Oil (Essential Oil of the Week 2)
Anise Oil (Essential Oil 3 - Anise Oil)
Balsam, Peru (Essential Oil - Balsam, Peru)
Basil (Essential Oil - Basil)
Bay (Essential Oil - Bay)
Beeswax (Beeswax Oil)
Benzoin (Benzoin Oil)
Bergamot (Essential Oil: Bergamot)

(How to Use Herbs)How to use Herbs
Herb List
Aconite (Wolfsbane)
Agrimony (Herb of the Week 2)
Aloe (Herb of the Week Aloe)
Angelica Root (Herb of the Week - Angelica Root)
Anise (Herb - Anise)
Avens (Herb - Avens)
Balm (Lemon Balm) (Herb: Balm)
Calendula (Marigolds) (Calendula (Marigolds) - Food, Crafts, Beauty, Natural Remedies)
Clover (Herb of the Week: Clover)
Milk Thistle

Herbal & Oil Info
Camellia (Camellia)

How Crystals Work (How do crystals heal?)
How to use Crystals (Ways to use Crystals)
Agate (Agate (Crystal))

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