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August 27th, 2010, 11:07 AM
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I need help please i am 17 years old i have a daughter and she is 9 months old, i live with my husband and i think i might be having a miscarriage. okay last time i had my period it was 2 weeks long and it was just spotting it never looked like a regular period i would just see blood when i wiped, i started gaining a lot of weight and then top of my abdomen got a little hard. after that i started having really bad tenderness on my breasts and felt like throwing up a lot. Then when my next period came i was in a really bad mood i was mad and felt tired i feel asleep and woke up and there was blood every were. i thought its just my period but i never had a period this bad the blood was dripping and it was bright red i started passing blood clots, they weren't that big but i could feel them coming down. later that day i started having bad cramps kind of like when you start having contractions. on my back and on the sides of my lower abdomen then i started pushing on my side and i felt something move like when your baby moves, but i know its not a baby because i wouldn't be that far along. well i felt things moving and i felt like throwing up the whole time i don't know what i should do i don't want to go to a doctor i just want to ask to see if anyone knows anything about this.

please help and if your had the same as me. what do you think??
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