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August 27th, 2010, 08:30 PM
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I'm glad to have found this site..i'm currently 12 weeks and 5 days ago i spent the nite awake because i was feeling really uncomfortable with what i thought was gas pain. At 6:30 am i went to pass urine and when i got up there was a small amount of blood in the toilet i immediatly assumed I was misscarrying and freaked out. Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for over 5 years and this is our first ever pregnancy. My hubby took me to my OB since I had an apptmt. with him that very morning anyway. He did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was closed which he said was good news he then did a vaginal sono and we saw our healthy baby moving around with a very strong heartbeat. Right at that moment I felt something warm just pouring out of me it turns out I was gushing blood. The tech tried to act like it was nothing but I could see in my hubby's face it was a whole lot of blood. After examining me again, taking blood to determine my blood type, giving me a shot and explaining to me my condition the doc said to just go home and stay in bed and come back the next day. That day I was in soo much pain all day but the blood slowed down throughout the day and night by the time i went back the next day there was only blood when i wiped and it was not red anymore but more wine brownish color the doc told me to stay on bed rest until he sees me again next week. I'm soo scared of loosing this baby...I'm trying to stay optimistic but then I'm afraid of being unprepared to handle the worst if it comes I'm trying to rely on my faith and just believe in the power of prayer...I appreciate all the stories I've read here it has made me feel more informed and prepared.
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