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October 11th, 2010, 07:17 AM
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I am currently 20 weeks 4 days. I was diagnosed with a SCH at 12 weeks after going to the ER after a very heavy bleed. We thought we lost the baby because of the large amounts of blood clots luckily baby was still there waving away at the scan. Unforturately my DR disagreed with the ER and said I had a large fibriod which may have bled out. I kept bleeding for a few weeks and had a further two more scans to check on baby. Then 6 weeks later at 18 weeks I had a scan to check on my fibroid, 2 hours later after the scan I am bleeding and being rushed to the ER. They scanned me the following morning and baby was still there kicking away but yet again no mention of the SCH. FINALLY at my 20 week scan they noticed my large 7cm blood clot that is inbetween the uterus and placenta. The baby at the moment measures normal except the legs are smaller than average due to the thick placenta and lack of nutrients baby is receiving. What makes me angry is that I could have been on a blood thinner since 12 weeks which may have reduced the hematoma. Long story short there IS a reason why you are bleeding and do not ever except that some women just bleed during pregnancy. About baby I get a scan in three weeks to see if baby is ok but most likely our little one is going to be born premature if she can make it a few more weeks.
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