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October 25th, 2010, 10:16 AM
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When the doctor told me that I have generalized seizures, that I would have to take medicine for rest of my life, and that I would not be able to breast feed my son when he was born, I broke down and cried. I found out about my seizures when I was still pregnant with my son. I vowed that I would breastfeed because I desperately wanted that feeling of bonding with my child. You see I was told a few years ago after a near fatal accident that I would never have children. This same accident is believed to have caused my seizures.

I wanted to breast feed.
It was not safe for my infant to breast feed due to the medication I MUST take to stay seizure free.
*NOTE Seizures can kill you if untreated. They can escalate over time and become worse. It only takes one seizure too.

How dare some of you criticize mom's for not breastfeeding. Some mom's are the only one's bringing in money to their homes. Some moms are doing everything by their selves.
And some like me had no choice in the matter.

You should be ashamed of yourself, and I hope you never have to suffer through something so disappointing.

I was angry at God for a little while, but I realized that being pregnant with my son was a miracle and it pretty much saved my life. I never would have gone to the doctor and found out otherwise.

I hope this encourages other moms who have decided to bottle feed.
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