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October 25th, 2010, 12:12 PM
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I think the whole breastfeeding debate is ridiculous! I agree with this article in that some woman who've been lucky enough to exclusively breastfeed their children tend to have a superiority complex and treat those who've chosen formula for whatever reason like they aren't good mothers.

With my first I was very sick and because my doctor was ignorant I was unable to breastfeed lasting only 2 weeks due to the pain and exhaustion from a severe infection that when found at the ER landed me in emergency surgery. By the time I was healed and off the meds for it I had completely dried up. I was depressed and honestly wanted to slap some of the pro-breastfeeding -to the point of being rude and ignorant- people that judged me because I already was dealing with my own guilt. With my second child despite pumping, around the clcok breastfeeding, taking supplements and having a lactation consultant I dried up by 3 months and though I continued to offer the breast for another 2 months he got nothing but comfort from them. With my third I breastfed for 13 months with him getting absolutely no formula. I don't think I was a better mother to my youngest because he had the breast the longest but I am proud of myself for trying again each time despite past failures.

I think it is a personal choice and as long as we educate woman about the benefits of breastfeeding without bullying or guilting them for there personal feelings that is wonderful. I am happy that breastfeeding rates are rising but I hate the ignorance that surrounds it on both sides.
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