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November 5th, 2010, 01:46 AM
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Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for a year now, and we had sex for the 1st time oct. 5 unpretected. I was takin yaz-has a new name now, for a year now & sometimes forqet about my pills so the pack I had for oct still had sept. Days and I missed a few& I also had a period 2weeks frm sex. After we had sex I was bleeding, (1st time)and 2days later I felt bloated& weird in thestomach. Oncea day I'd pee, blood would drip& that happened for 2 days and I went back to spotting a dingy brown color, I started to experience tiresome, lower backaches,I've also had a nausea feeling, now more, dizziness, feeling like wanting to faint,cramps,stomach growling through my back after 3 hours, waking up around 12am hot for a week or more, nov2 my nipples were very hard&sore, and I have little bumps around my areolas and a bit bigger than tinier bumps on top. I took my bc pills sat & sun. But stopped bcuz it made my stomach bubbly. Oct 13th the spotting STOPED! The nxt day at 1pm there was a light blood spot in my panties, put on a pad, got hm& wasn't bleeding. That's not my period. The following week I got a bad cold,coughed and blew flim,throat was SORE, heartburn& headaches..I'm just NOW feeling a little better.. I've takin 4 test all were negative( oct. 16th, 23th, 27th and nov2) During the day I drink alot of water or juice and the times I've took em were later in the day. Alot of people has said they recieved those results and felt the same & later found out at 3 months. I hate this, please help, thanks.
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