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November 17th, 2010, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Free_Reality_ Checks_Here View Post
By all means be really really smart when it comes to your unborn child and listen to MOON~MAIDEN. After all, what do all those learned and scholarly doctors know eh?

Just don't forget to tell your doctor, when he's working out a complicated, regimented, and painful doses of antibiotics for you to take while you spend the remaining 4 mos. of your pregnancy in the hospital because your baby is now toxic and possibly you or it will now die, that MOON~MAIDEN said it was fine if you wore gloves.
People seriously need to do some proper research so that they understand how you can catch toxoplasmosis from cats before they make comments such as these. Articles on toxoplasmosis are usually way oversimplified: a very specific and unique set of circumstances have to occur before you would be able to catch this from your cat. Those circumstances involve your cat catching it for the first time in its life, within a certain number of days of infecting you, the litter has to stay in the box for a certain number of days for it to incubate and then it has to find it's way into your body, i.e., getting litterbox matter into your mouth. As for it incubating a certain number of days, that's why they saying changing the litter box every day may help, but they don't explain why....because these articles are almost always way, way oversimplified. And then you have people come along and make comments like this without proper knowledge.

The truth is, you are far more likely to catch toxoplasmosis during pregnancy from your everyday life than from anything having to do with your cat. Look at the other causes and assess the risks for yourself. Of all the ways I can catch toxo, my cat is the last one I am worried about.
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