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November 17th, 2010, 09:08 PM
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After trying for 6 months to get pregnant after I stopped taking the birth control shot we finally go pregnant with our Son. I started bleeding very heavily at 7 weeks. It was the most blood I have ever seen in my life! I called my husband who rushed home to find our master bathroom covered in blood and me doubled over on the floor in pain. He rushed me to the hospital and they didn't a blood test to see how much of the pregnancy hormone was in my blood. My pregnancy hormone was over 66,000 which is off the charts for a single fetus pregnancy so they ordered a emergency ultrasound and discovered that our baby still had a heartbeat. I was told that I had a SCH that was 1.2mm and it was a common thing and some women don't have any bleeding some do that it should clear up on its own. The next day my OB told me it had grown to 1cm. (In a matter of 8 hours) I was put on light bedrest. At 14 weeks my bleed had grown to 8cm and I was told if my cervix wasn't in good shape that a number of different things could happen and I might want to end my pregnancy. With out a question we were not ending this pregnancy. A 16 week we were sent to a specialist because our son had a cyst in his brain and it looked like he had a blockage in his bowel. He had swallowed a piece of my SCH and it was making his bowel look blocked but they told us it would hurt anything and that his cyst was in a part of his brain were it could never bother him. At 20 weeks my bleeding picked up and I was put on full bedrest. At 26 weeks the ultrasound showed that our son's cyst had disappeared. At 30 weeks I began having contractions every 20 minutes and was ordered to keep with the bedrest. At 37 weeks I delivered our son he was 5lbs 02oz but perfect. I was not. 17 min after our son was born I was rushed into the OR for a emergency D&C to remove my placenta that attached itself to the scar tissue my bleed had left behind when it started to reduce. My son is now 15 months old and we are both healthy. I just went in for my yearly and was told that I still had signs of my SCH being there. We would like to have another baby and I scared that the SCH is going to return with my next pregnancy. We have been off birth control for 6 months now and no baby yet.
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