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November 19th, 2010, 04:21 AM
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Very new here. Was on another board for the past two weeks, but I kind of wanted to share my story anonymously here, because I do not want to upset my current belly buddies, and this has been a good thread on this topic.

I am 45yo, happily married for twelve years, and this is my first viable pregnancy at 11 weeks that I remember. We were not "planning" so we have only had the past two weeks to get used to the reality, and I have not even scheduled an appt with my doctor yet for blood work and u/s. Maybe because I was afraid the pregnancy would disappear as it has in the past.

In any case, I have spent this time exploring these boards, reading others stories, and trying to wrap my head around what is happening in my body. For the past two months in total oblivion I have been dealing with urgent urination around the clock, constipation, sleeplessness and nausea supreme, but I attributed it to stress and other things up until the 9 week mark where I actually looked at a calendar and calculated when the beginning of my last cycle was. And I began to realize I was right on tract for a June bundle of joy.

This week 11, the nausea and frequent need to pee alleviated, and I started to notice other things, like the growing twinges, heavy feeling in my lower abdomen, and pain in my groin muscles and elsewhere, and the boobs are bothering me again. Now that I am finally ready to get HAPPY and have accepted the realities, yesterday after a hard BM, I started to spot. At first it was just one red smear, then a slow brown stain. This afternoon I started feeling cramping, and the brown stain became continuous watery brown spotting with mucousy balls or strands in this sometimes, but this is NOTHING like my normal period. My normal flow is thick and red like lumpy raspberry jam (sorry). My doctors have always told me that I have an extra thick uterine wall, so I shed a lot of blood and for a full seven days.

I have had severe PCOS which made it difficult to get pregnant in my 20's and 30's (with almost non-existent periods or ovulation and not very good medical care). After going through a couple close positives that became agonizing m/c, I gave up trying when I was 39. But I recently, in the past three years, lost 100 pounds and have been on metformin, approaching what I assumed was peri-menopause as well, my hormones completely corrected themselves, and I have been on a normal 28 day cycle, with normal periods, and a whole slew of normal healthy hormonal changes every month for about two years. But making babies was the LAST thing on my mind.

Of course, somebody warned me that MAYBE I could pregnant now, but I thought I was too old (ignorance, again). Since the very early years of marriage, my husband and I have not used contraceptives. I have medical issues that reject every form except abstinence. And we have practiced abstinence for a season in our marriage, but not for the past two years after my weight loss. *lol* What I am saying is, it has been SEVEN years since we stopped that bipolar preoccupation with getting pregnant. I cannot go through all that again, but having this l/o sneak in and set up camp is making me all goofy again.

Anyway, so, searching the web for answers, I started to recognize that this brown spotting, could be caused by a SCH? I am wondering if anyone else was ever diagnosed with an extra thick uterine wall, and if this contributes to SCH and miscarriages? That is my rational question. Emotionally I am a wreck, as I was starting to really like the idea of a June baby. Even my husband was starting to come on board. He does not like to see me go through all this "at my age" though. Argh! If I lose this one, I do not know if he will consent to trying for a planned pregnancy.

Sorry for the long wind. It is late and my belly hurts. I live in an isolated community with a pretty good medical clinic, but my favorite doctor left town a few months ago, and I was reluctant to choose a new one out of the choices I had. I am going to be bereft without her, and hope I can settle in with another that I like, who will not continually lecture me about everything I have done wrong, which apparently is a lot.

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