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December 9th, 2010, 10:41 PM
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I was at 11 weeks when I woke up to heavy bright red bleeding. I called the er and they told me to wait it out that I was likely having a miscarrige. By morning the bleeding had stopped so I called my midwife who ordered a US that day diagnois =SCH and advised me that I could continue normal activity along with pelvic rest the tear was very little. 6 days later I had another heavy bleed and again stopped by morning so I did nothing 2 days later check my self into the er with left flank pain and very heavy feeling in lower abdomen. US ordered and found a very healthy baby surrounded in alot of blood along with a kidney stone. So admitted to hospital for the night then released on bed rest with a very threatend pregnancy. I then see a midwife again following that event that puts me on modified bed rest with no heavy lifting and pelvic rest. So now @ 15 weeks I start bleeding again but this time with clots and you can tell that it is old blood not bright red. Ultrasound again shows many clots instead of just blood and the same tear slightly larger. The radiologist seems to think that I should keep activity down but looks like a very viable pregnancy the midwife, although positive painted a little more grim picture reminding me the threat of miscarriage. The most frustrating thing with the 2 doctors 2 midwives 1 obgyn phone consult and 1 radiologist doing last ultra sound......not a one of them say the same thing or have a definant fix! I know there is no medical solution to this I just wish there was one reccomendation to follow. Tired of being slowed down and worrying so much. My last 2 pregnancies were uneventful with 2 beautiful boys non of this worrying.
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