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December 10th, 2010, 12:25 PM
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Where do you like to shop for your LO's clothes? Walmart, Kmart, ShopKo. We live on a budget so I don't see a point in buying the clothes that cost $10/shirt or $20 for pants that a kid out grows in a few months.

What size are they in?
Seamus is in size 5 and 6 pants and mostly 4/5 or XS shirts
Kieran is in 12 and 18mo stuff

What do you still have left to buy on your Christmas list?
a few things and stocking stuff

What do YOU want for Christmas? Nothing, its about the kids, we have no money for anything and if I got something I'd be extremely upset

What are your plans for this weekend? Nothing, dh works tomorrow for some over time.
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