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December 22nd, 2010, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by BBB333 View Post
Ellemphriem said: No one in the article said that breast is not best gals.

Well, the title of the article is: When Breast Isnít Best: Questioning the Superiority of Breastfeeding That sounds rather confrontational to me.

All evidence shows that breast milk is superior to artificial milk, but this article really does question the validity of that science without providing any kind of empirical evidence to demonstrate otherwise.

It's an emotional issue. Many of us struggle with breastfeeding and feel guilty if we can't succeed. We feel guilty and get defensive. However, I have to question why are 85% of American women unable to breastfeed up to 3 months? Why do 40% of African American women not even try? If humanity had that kind of dismal rate of feeding our infants, I wonder how we managed to populate the planet?

Instead of polarizing the issue into some kind of "breast vs. formula" smackdown between moms, why don't we look at WHY some women struggle so much?

I don't judge an individual person for making the best choice for her family, but I do question the motives of the company that spends millions on marketing formula.
The title is very misleading- Breast is ALWAYS best in regards to nutritional value, that is undebatable. I find the article judgmental TOWARDS those who do BF full time, as if our hard work, dedication and commitment to BF is useless and we might as well stick a bottle in our babies face.

There are legitimate reasons why some women are unable to BF, but as was mentioned above, the numbers are staggering for those opting for formula so quickly. The education needs to be improved so that we can understand nursing (even the MD's are clueless!) and support women in nursing.

We need education so that those who are unable to nurse are honestly unable to nurse(which in reality these cases are medically rare) and the rest can be empowered with loads of wonderful information to help them see the benefits of nature's milk over the highly advertised and publicised profit in a can.

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